We’re updating the price of Cam Plus Monthly in late June — here’s why (Cam Plus Annual prices will not change.) 5/17/23

Relevant wishlist that goes with the Convo…

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Worth a try. Thanks.


No worries, I did better today. Two cams, I got tired of counting the sound alerts after I got to 100. Not a single motion alert all day. And not a peep on any of the sound alerts, which is a neat trick because I live about 20 feet from a busy freeway. No changes made to my settings (I got fed up tinkering with those which makes no difference).

This is reasonable but more important than AI is basic features like (1) loss of connection alerts or (2) dead, removed or malfunctioning SD card.

Security comes from the fundamentals and those are fundamental to providing a security device worth continued investment. I hope Wyze doesn’t prioritize flashy new tech over fundamentals.

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Hey! I followed instructions to upgrade my monthly subscription to annual (2 cams), you charged me $39.98 for the annual–fine, and then Wyze charged me $3.98 the very next day for the monthly–what the heck?!

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@jhirschinger This forum is primarily a user-to-user community and is not able to deal with payment processing issues. You will need to contact Customer Support (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT to have them adjust your account.


I hear you, but you’re announcing a price change, and I’m telling you the subscription upgrade you are promoting has problems. I did call customer service as you suggested, and I not only have a double charge–annual & monthly–this week, I now have both monthly and annual subscriptions on my account, and all customer service can do is refer the issues to two different departments. This is not only a broken system, it is terrible customer service.

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@jhirschinger The Mods and Mavens here (myself included) are not Wyze employees. Just users who volunteer out time to try to help out our fellow users.

If you feel you’re getting the runaround from customer service, if you can give me the ticket number from that interaction, I can ask that it be escalated for further review.

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I have responded in this forum to a Wyze EMPLOYEE announcing a subscription change, I have responded to that employee’s post with issues with the change she has announced–how else am I to provide bring up an issue with the announcement? And respectfully, you are not answering the issues, which should be feed back to Wyze, not pawned off on Customer Service, which may be able to (poorly) resolve my fallout from the issues with the announcement’s instructions, but cannot fix them to avoid other customers experiencing the same.

Wyze employees don’t actively monitor this forum. Loki offered to escalate your case if you provide your Customer Service ticket number. Escalation goes directly to the Wyze employee or Team to which you are responding. That procedure is the only avenue forum volunteers have. Escalation will hopefully resolve your billing issue and also bring attention to a possible subscription service issue. Alternatively, you may wait for a forum response from Wyze, although it may take some time.

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In addition to what @Seapup says, I will agree that to help with specific individual cases, the escalation protocol is really the only tool that we volunteers have. The Support team are the only ones that have the ability to fix an issue with an individual customer’s subscription.

Are a very small number of customers affected, or is it a more widespread problem? I can’t tell from a few reports on the forum. If we see a more widespread issue, we can also try to bring that to the attention of Wyze employees, and I will definitely do that in this case, just to be sure.

But the best way to know if it’s widespread would be if Customer Support is getting tons of calls about it. And if that’s the case, I assure you Wyze will be aware of it through the CS metrics that they monitor and will take action to resolve it systemically.

Also, the Wyze employees that post in this forum do not work on the weekend, so will not have the chance to see your posts until Monday at the earliest.


*[quote=“Newshound, post:9, topic:267384, full:true”]
Do you mean you are interested in 2k cameras? The V3 Pro is such a camera. I’m sure others will follow. :slight_smile:

*im interested in 4k cameras. I already have the v3 pro.

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What’s to stop wyze from raising the price to 4.99 next month or making the price increase effective against annual subscriptions. Two components to cost: processing and storage. Please provide a solution where both can be localized rather than outsourced to a company with history of repeatedly promising one thing as included with product purchase, then selling it as a monthly service, then increasing the price of said service.

As wyze is aware, the resolution of a camera sold 5 years ago is the same resolution today as it was 5 years ago and the resulting image file remains the same as it ever was. Meanwhile, cloud storage costs will have DECREASED in the same period due if nothing to the increased economies of scale of your cloud purchases and the evolution of cloud storage in general If you need to increase price based on camera resolution that’s not what this is. This is making existing users pay for storage or future users and lining chinese pockets in meantime.

Blaming existing users for your greedy cash grab is at best disingenuous, Your bet is simply that the 50% increase in price on some portion of Cam Plus users will not result in 50% decrease in subscriptions. This provides useful test for decision to raise annual rates which you are no doubt considering. The camera has become the razor and CamPlus is your very expensive razor blade. Will wyze support improve due to the new revenue stream. Of course not. Customers will still be subjected to the tired routine of troubleshooting no matter how many times they already have been through the process (because the sensors you once sold are garbage and the android app simply doesn’t work with the disparate products in crazy menagerie of offerings).

Any commitments to not raise prices on annual subscriptions? To freeze subscription costs at the then current level when someone first purchased canera or started CamPlus subscription? Not that wyze keeps promises since CamPlus functionality was promised with cameras, but it would show at least nominal consideration for long term users. Or are you just giving everyone another reason to ditch your products entirely?

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No, it seems like a lot of b.s. excuses that are false and have nothing to do with increased costs to wyze

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I’m an original OWNER of the FIRST Wyze product when they STARTED.
However as time moves on, I see lots of changes in the SOFTWARE that has it made it harder to navigate. First generation camera’s have trouble staying connected !!!
I have the Camera Plus option. It is failing to provide the Service !!! Contacting Customer Service is getting HARDER to Resolve any issues !!!

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Wyze website currently advertises Cam Plus $1.67 / Camera / Month, but that is nowhere to be seen when actually trying to subscribe to that Cam Plus price plan. I did not make a typo — $1.67 is what is listed.
Yet another ‘bug’

That is the equivalent monthly cost when you pay for an annual subscription at $19.99 per year.


Is the Cam Plus Lite feature discontinued in June 2023… If so, that is a good reason to divorce from Wyze… Too many Problems – Been with you for 3 plus years, and I need a good reason to leave for good… Never coming back… BYE.

Can plus lite will still work for cameras that were released before the v3 pro.