Cam Plus Subscription for Wyze Cam v3

I bought annual Cam Plus subscription for one Wyze Cam v3 along with the camera for $14.99. I subsequently bought 2 more wyze cam v3 but did not buy Cam Plus subscription with the two. Now I want to add annual subscription to the two cam. But at Wyze app. in my iphone to add License costs $19.99/annual subscription. Why the difference in price? any idea/ideas. Thanks!

Package deal I would assume.

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Because Apple charges a lot to sell anything through the app store, so that extra amount is what you’re paying to sate Apple’s greed.

Google play does the same thing.

If you ever have the choice of paying a subscription for anything in any other way besides through the apple app store or Google play store, do it somewhere else. Both companies are basically extorting every other business. It’s hard to succeed well or have a digital business without them, but they’ll steal up to 30% of your potential profits.

It’s painful. But they are making some slight improvements due to recent lawsuits and public outcry.

In short, the extra cost is because if You want the convenience of going through Apple, that convenience fee gets passed on back to you. :wink:
Go through the Wyze website instead. You’ll get the same thing at a cheaper cost and it will still work in the iphone Wyze app exactly the same… You’re just not wasting money going to Apple.

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Thank u. But that is what I tried to do. I hope it is not a package deal, like some one else suggested.

But you said you used the Wyze app. That is tied to Apple. @carverofchoice is suggesting you visit the Wyze web site in your web browser instead.

(I wonder how this works on Android if one has sideloaded and is not associated with any Play Store account.)

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Thank you very much for the suggestion. I like Wyze site and I visited it at least 6 times to buy subscription. But the site is giving me option only for monthly subscription and for some reason, I could not edit it to make the subscription annual.

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