Cam plus unlimited prices different

I have screenshots below of the different unlimited monthly cam plus prices from the app vs the website. What’s the right price?

Never buy subscriptions within the App. Google and Apple charge more and make it harder to manage. Buy from the Wyze website.


Thanks! Just thought I’d see why they were different.


Yeah, they’re both the right price. Just depends on what’s more important to you: price or convenience.

Apple and Google charge a 30% royalty to order subscriptions through apps that were downloaded from their app store monopolies. So if users really want the convenience of ordering through the app, it’s fine… But you’ll pay 30% more that way to make up for it.

I suggest never subscribing to anything through any app if possible. Always try to purchase subscriptions directly from a company’s website. It helps keep prices down for everyone, often saves you LOTS of money, etc.