Will cam Cam Plus Unlimited be $99 every year after

Will cam Cam Plus Unlimited be $99 every year or will they raise the price? I thought I read when you buy it for $99 then that’s what you will be charged next year again?

The trend to this point is that active subscriptions renew at the locked in price at which they were originally purchased. This is currently true of Cam Plus and HMS subscriptions that have increased in price for new subscriptions but renew at the locked in subscribed price. So long as you continue to renew, the cost remains at the currently subscribed price. Since there haven’t been any price increases for Cam Plus Unlimited, there is no history to compare it with.

However, no one can predict the future. So, there isn’t really any guarantee against a policy change. However, doing so would certainly alienate a vast majority of current subscribers.

Many of the Wyze promotional materials for Cam Plus when they changed the price was a last minute push inviting users to “Lock In” their price before it changed. Based on this, I would tend to think Wyze will continue the practice of honoring renewal prices for all their subscriptions.


The price for Cam Plus Unlimited will remain the same in 2024. For whoever is reading this.

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