Cam plus unlimited not showing in the app

I purchased the unlimited cam plus when the were offering it for 100 bucks a year. About a week ago it was working fine and now i have no cam plus licenses’. When i try to assign them from the website it doesn’t stay. Troubleshooting sayd to cancel the subscription but i don’t want to lose the price point. Help

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I would recommend NOT canceling an active subscription. You WILL NOT get any credit or refund for the remainder of the paid term. Who told you to cancel it and resubscribe?

What happens when you try to assign your cams to Cam Plus Unlimited when you are in the App: Account > Services > Cam Plus? What shows there?

Annual Cam Plus Unlimited has been $99 for a very long time now. It still is.

All the above and I would suggest you log out of your Wyze account, on your phone. Restart the phone. Then log back in. Please, note, I did not say, close the app. Logout of the account on the app. Sometimes it makes a difference and that “hard” reset/reboot, refreshes your account and Cam Plus shows up like you expect.

I have the same problem emailed them 3 days ago about it

in app it says no subscription, on the website it says I have one.

the troubleshooting is retarded for saying well cancel and rebuy again wtf

Canceling and rebuying is not an option with the Subscription policy the way it is. There no way to recoup the loss of the cancelled subscriptions cost regardless of what they tell you.

Are you using the same email address to login to as you use when you log into the app or is this a Google Play subscription?

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EXCELLENT point/suggestion. Literally too easy to do multiple.