Cam Plus Subscription Cancellation

I have 3 V3s still on the free 1 month (2 more days left). I went on the website and bought a year Cam Plus subscription today effective 7/19/2022. Apparently since it auto-renews, they instruct you to cancel the subscription within the next year if you don’t want autorenew. I went ahead and hit the cancel button on my subscriptions and now it doesn’t show up anymore, it only shows my 3 free subscriptions. What happened? Will it still charge my card (there’s an authorization for the total amount of approx $35?

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I haven’t done what you did, but my guess is only the paid subscription is cancellable. So the free subscriptions live on.

With the free subscriptions I believe you can reassign them or unassign them, but not cancel them. Just wait for it all to shake out in two days to be sure what’s happening, and then if you still want Cam Plus you can re-subscribe. :slight_smile:

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I did the same today. I don’t want to continue paying next year, but also don’t want to refund this year. Ig you have to wait to cancel after 30d or smth?

My understanding is you get a pro-rated refund whenever you cancel. Someone who has experienced that please let us know for sure. :slight_smile:

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Yes. If it is purchased direct from Wyze on the website, you will get a prorated refund for the unused days on the subscription refunded to the CC on file. It terminates and refunds on the date of termination, not the end of the term. So if you want to continue to the end of the term, but not renew, you have to wait and cancel just before expiration. If you do it now, it terminates now.

If you bought the subscription from the app, it is processed thru the app store for your OS. It is my understanding from other users that the iOS store will not refund subscriptions. I have not read anything as it pertains to Android app store purchases.