Purchased Cam Plus unlimited account, but cannot get refund on my now redundant Cam Plus subscriptions!

This is more of a warning (manage expectations) to anyone thinking that Apple (or Google) will refund any unused service you may have on your redundant Cam Plus subscription(s) after purchasing the Wyze Cam Plus Unlimited service.

Despite Wyze telling me otherwise, it’s impossible to request a refund from Apple if the Cam Plus subscription was purchased more than 2 months ago.

After purchasing Cam Plus unlimited, I thought I could get a refund on the remaining 8 months for 2 cameras. Not possible! :frowning:

I’m not out very much money, but it’s still annoying!

I advise everyone to avoid purchasing Wyze subscriptions through Apple (or Google) because Wyze has no control over those subscriptions.


Thank you for posting! I was not aware you could get a refund for your in app purchased subscriptions within the first 60 days.

Do you know if those are full refunds or prorated?

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There have been many problems reported regarding getting refunds if purchased through a third party (Apple being only one of those). Standard advise is to only purchase services through the service provider (Wyze in this case).


I don’t actually know if it’s a full refund or prorated because my Cam Plus subscription was purchased just outside of the limit. :frowning:

Exactly. I wish I had considered that at the time.

It’s prorated.

How did you even contact Apple to get a refund? They automatically renewed my Cam Plus subscription but it shows in the app I don’t have a subscription so I paid for something not even recognized by the app!

It never worked right anyway!

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I didn’t get the subscription through Apple. I got all subscriptions direct from Wyze.

@KingBII, you are correct. Subscriptions purchased from the Wyze Web Page and subsequently cancelled before the end of term are refunded the amount of the unused portion of the subscription.

However, the original post and discussion was about subscriptions purchased in the App. These are purchased from and serviced by the App Store for the OS you are using (Apple\Google) and are subject to their refund policies. Wyze has no control over these policies.

Most recommendations are to buy directly from Wyze so that users have flexibility in account subscription changes should they become necessary.

This is a broken process. Once inside the Wyze phone app, your ONLY purchase option is through the Apple (and I assume Google Play) store. Nowhere does it tell you that you also have the option to purchase subscriptions through the Wyze website. However if you have a problem with a subscription purchased through the Apple App Store and there is some problem with that subscription, Wyze will tell you they have ZERO ability to refund, cancel, or change the subscription. You have to contact Apple or Google who may/may not decide to solve what is really Wyze’s problem. Advice - never purchase Wyze subscriptions through either app store, do it through the Wyze website. Oh yeah, and Wyze, you need to take responsibility and find a better solution for the customers you duped into buying through the app.

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Yes, I agree. I was finally able to get a refund from Apple however now after purchasing through Wyze.com I am unable to apply the subscription to my cameras that had Cam Plus under the App subscription as they are not showing up as available. Wyze has tried numerous “fixes” and still nothing. I was on the phone with them for 1 hour 16 minutes 2 days ago. They were unable to fix, now I am supposed to check every so often to see if it’s working yet! Paid for a full year and now nothing works! So beware of switching from App to web site too. Even though the App showed I had no subscription to any cameras somewhere it is hung up. This is not my only issue with Wyze but it is certainly a big one and all of my issues revolve around them not supporting the App!

Sorry you are having the issues with the subscriptions. I agree that it is frustrating and that there should be a pop-up disclaimer informing you from whom you are buying the subscription.

There have been reports of cams not being able to be assigned to a new subscription if they were assigned to the App Store subscription at the time it was cancelled and were not unassigned prior to cancellation. The old subscription seems to somehow keep those cams linked to a now cancelled sub.

For this reason, I always recommend to users making this transition to:

  1. Buy the services.Wyze.com subscription first
  2. Unassign cams from old subscription
  3. Assign cams to new subscriptions and verify
  4. Cancel old subscription

There are some steps you can try to see if you can get your cams to break free of the old subscription:

  1. Verify that the newly purchased “Web” subscription is active within the CamPlus section of Account → Services and the old subscription is gone.

  2. Account → App Settings → Clear (Cache); Account → Sign Out; Close App; Force Close App from your OS; Reopen App; Log In; then test to see if it can be assigned. If not;

  3. Do not delete the cam from the app, but press the setup button on the cam and run thru the install process again; then test to see if it can be assigned. If not, repeat #2. If still not able to assign;

  4. Delete cam from app; Repeat step #2 above; reinstall cam as new device; then test to see if it can be assigned. If not;

  5. Punt. Contact Customer Support again with your Ticket #, give them the details of the problem and describe the steps you took, ask them to escalate the ticket. Then post your ticket number here to be reported thru the Wyze Community Managers.

Good luck!

Thanks for the tips, I do wish these had been known before. Some have already been tried but will try all again tomorrow. Sadly there was no subscription through the app being recognized in the app to be able to disassociate with though so not sure how to bypass this step. And sadly there was nothing when I first bought my 1st subscription one year ago telling me to purchase through the website, that is how this mess began.

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Thanks for the above things to check. I tried several ways using your info. here is what worked
Had to delete all cameras, turn them off, delete cache, close app, shut down and restart phone, then add each device again by adding device, turn on camera, push sync button, once all added I was able to add licenses. It took a long time to get it all done (about 30 minutes) because you also have to go in and fix your detection settings as well as video recording settings again but happy to have it finally working. Thanks for much help! FYI log id was 721223

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Glad you have them working, although I empathize with your frustration in doing that.

Deleting the cam from the app and reinstalling is always the last resort and the most drastic as all settings are deleted as well. I have read posts when users have gone so far as to uninstall\reinstall the app.