Cam Plus subscription refund - purchased 15 days ago via Wyze website

Why does Wyze not refund for subscription bought via Wyze website? it is only 15 days and should be considered within 30 day trial period even if the trial was not opted for? They can always prorate and deduct for the time used or till the end of the monthly billing cycle.

Now you are stuck with them or just simply lose the $99 + taxes.

Here is a knowledge article about this from the Support site that applies here.

What about paying Wyze for a Cam Plus subscription and not being able to actually use it? Am I the only one experiencing this?

I bought 3 annual licenses, the order states that it was ‘Fulfilled’, but the app just keeps prompting me to buy it again. Also states I have no active subscriptions.

I’ve signed out / signed in to the app and website, but no luck.

Support said that they can’t help me for a few days… seriously, what gives? I used to love Wyze… not sure what’s going on now, though. Any ideas from the community?

I can cancel it but, they will not refund the balance. In my case for 11 months because I bought an annual subscription for unlimited cameras. Purchased on 07/27/23

yeah, I had to go through it too. had to open a support ticket and the support team canceled the subscription I bought and made me purchase it again. good luck. this is definitely not customer obsessed.

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How did you buy the subscription? Thru the Store within the App or thru the Wyze Website Store?

Have you logged into and looked to see if any subscriptions are there?

Are there no active subscriptions for the service in the Account → Services tab of the app?

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When Wyze changed their subscription management platform last year, the refund policy on all subscription purchases changed for new subscription purchases. Even partial pro rated refunds were stopped because the new platform is incapable of doing this. Today, all subscriptions are non refundable regardless of how far into the term you are.

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Hey there!

This was purchased through the Wyze website and paid for via Amazon Pay.

The order shows as ‘PAID & FULFILLED’ when visiting Account – Wyze

However, there is no record of this when visiting or when visiting… it just asks me to Join and buy the service again.

I used the same email address when purchasing the CamPlus subscriptions (same as my Wyze App login). I’ve verified the version of my app, I’ve flushed cache on the app just in case it would make a difference… but nada.

When trying to use the Wyze Web View of the cameras, it simply returns an XML error response with a code of ‘RequestHeaderSectionTooLarge’ :man_shrugging: I’m guessing this error is appearing because of the feature being limited to CamPlus users.

Anyways, this is pretty frustrating stuff. I wish I could just use what I have already paid for… I appreciate the help and appreciate you for just hearing me out!

hmmm… that’s an interesting billing system and I wonder why would somebody invest/develop it when it is not customizable/configurable. like I said, it is not customer obsessed and you are forcing a customer to stick to you or lose money. This is not a perishable item that when used cannot be returned.

Just want to clarify that Forum Mavens and Moderators are not Wyze employees, we are all volunteer users that help fellow users here in the forum.

There are some Wyze employees that show up around here, but this is mainly a user to user forum.


Not sure why the subscription isn’t populating to your online services account access or into your App Services UI. The Amazon Fulfillment process is relatively new, so I haven’t read of anyone else experiencing this yet.

Nope. I have been Cam Plus for years and I see it too. Something is wrong with Web View.

my bad, thank you for clarifying.


Thanks for the confirmation on web view!

I expect that with Amazon Fulfillment being relatively new… this would likely be the cause for my issue. Perhaps there’s a delay in the transaction from Amazon back to Wyze that wasn’t clearly outlined when I placed my order.

I’ve reached to support via telephone and got a more promising response. They had me send a screenshot of the app screen and told me that they should have it fixed before end of day… for me, that’s better than waiting 2 days! :crossed_fingers:

Thanks again.

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