Asking for a refund on the same day I got a subscription renewal ask

Today I saw my credit card charged $99 for Wyze Cam Plus subscription.
I quickly tried to remove the Subscription by canceling it from my app, but it tells me that you have to do it on a desktop. I went to the website and proceeded, and it took me a long time, but I succeeded canceling the subscription. I lost 45min. What a maze!
Unfortunately, it does not give the option To get a refund since I’m not wanting to use the subscription this year at all. I haven’t even used their service for few hours, and they refused to refund it. :rage:

I did a phone call and made sure that the attendant knew that I was requesting a refund and not just canceling subscription because I already succeeded to do that on my own online which she confirmed she could see.

She cleverly put me on hold for a long time, which was no use. She came back, telling me that she will walk me through canceling a subscription even though I already told her that I already canceled it on the computer. I clarified that I am looking for a refund and she put me on hold again and finally came back telling me that she will send me an email explaining if the refund will be allowed.

I told her to please make sure that this is about Refunding the subscription that I have not even used for a day and not about canceling the subscription that will end in 2024 a year from now.

She assured me, but the email explains that I called about canceling the subscription with little mention of the refund.
The bottom finally says,That there are no refunds for the subscription.

This is starting to remind me of the lawsuit ABC mouse went through regarding users and subscriptions.

That created new legislation to stop companies from making it very difficult for users to get their money back ,and scamming people people into contracts that caused them to keep subscriptions

I used to very much positively hail this company, wuze, but now I have a sour taste in my mouth as I feel they are stealing $99 from me.

If no one from Wyze will be Looking into this to make sure I get a refund since I did not use the service that was just auto-renewed on 12/24, that I do not need, nor wish to purchase, I will be refunded all new cameras purchased but have not opened a couple weeks back and Letting everyone I know (who I just recently made into wyze fans) that there are Unethical practices of charging people for Services they don’t want.

You are not the first, nor I suspect the last, to complain about this practice. Wyze needs to change its policy regarding auto-renewal of subscriptions. Many purchasers are unaware that they signed up for auto-renewal since the information is buried in the online purchase data. Wyze needs to notify users that the auto-renewal is coming and allow people the opportunity to cancel it before it occurs. As it is now, Wyze needs to refund charges when someone cancels subscriptions after becoming aware of the renewal otherwise it seems like theft.