Refund on unwanted auto renew plan

Is there any way to contact a human for refunding an auto renew I did not want? I’m not using this service anymore and just got hit with an auto renew, there does not seem to be any “support” options that help in the least.

This is the number for support: (206) 339-9646

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If you have a monthly plan or a Annual Cam Plus Plan you can go to your account and cancel the plan. But the plan will remain active until the expiration date. There are no refunds for any portion remaining on the plan. Did you purchase cam plus and then change your mind or did you purchase a new camera that included cam plus?
I cancelled my 4 camera plan when I switched to Cam Plus unlimited in October. My 4 cam plan is still useable if I activate it again but it will not renew in February.

LOL, so they are a crappy predatory company too. Day one of renewal and now I’m screwed into another full year. Figures. I’ll never use these products again.

I wouldn’t say it was their fault. If you didn’t keep track of your renewal date I think that is on you.
When you purchase a plan it tells you what day it renews and what payment method they will charge, It will list the last 4 numbers of you payment card. I will agree with you that I hate anything "Auto Renew and paperless billing and avoid them at all cost. I’m over 70 and forget a “few” things so for any auto renew I add that date to my Google calendar for a date 1 week in advance of the renew dates to decide if I want to keep or cancel. WYZE previously gave refunds but that went away a long time ago. Sorry for your troubles.

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Wyze should notify you of a renewal via email a few days early. Since they don’t, there shouldn’t be any argument over a cancellation and refund. , you could always dispute the charge with your credit card company.

It seems that Wyze may be violating various state laws:

Some suggested options:

I agree that they should but I know they don’t, all my other Annual Renew services that I have from other business do send a notification email and I then add that to the calendar on my phone to remind me or I just renew or cancel the same day. I also think WYZE should refund for unused portions of services like they did before. Maybe things will change but probably not ??

I think Wyze is possibly violating the law by not sending reminders. Either way, if someone cancels a renewal on the same day or within a week, Wyze should refund the subscription amount. Keeping it seems like a desperate act of a financially weak company. One can argue about keeping subscription amounts when someone cancels some time into the subscription period…whole other discussion.