Just purchased Cam Plus Unlimited. Safe to unsubscribe from my two existing plans?

Just purchased Cam Plus Unlimited.
I already had two individual subscriptions to Cam Plus. Now that the Unlimited is in place, I would assume I can edit/stop the two individual subscriptions, but wanted to make sure I don’t mess anything up!

Screenshot 2021-08-27 4.13.35 PM

Yep, that’s what I did , I unsubscribed to my existing licenses and received a small refund , it all went well


@HDRock, Hey Rock. Did you have to do anything to get the refund on the remaining sub for the existing licenses?

Maybe it the Wyze system realizes it and just automatically credits ya a refund?


No I didn’t do anything but cancelled the licenses I had

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Thanks. But how did you cancel them?

You just go into your account click on edit look to the right to see cancel subscription


Nada. Edit under “Account” tab shows Discover, Shop and Device Sharging - but all are empty.
& No edit under “Account > Services”.

Looked everywhere. See nothing that offers edit button for such. Please try again. :slight_smile:

You need to go into your account on the Web from a browser:


Ah HA !! Thanks. Had forgot about that access. Done. Thanks much.


No prob… glad to help. :+1:

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Anyone having problems access “the deal” from the unlimited cam plus email?

Failed attempt says it having trouble finding the server.

I haven’t seen the offer, but if you’re having problems accessing the deal, it was probably disabled. The “deal” is in a test run with a limited number of subscriptions. It will be made publicly available after digesting test results.

I think we are pass that. They sent out an email that says they are opening it up again for 1 week.

Although its not showing on the Cam Plus regular page, but trying to use this link in the email does not work either.