Cam plus unlimited from cam plus annual subscription

I have just seen an email regarding cam plus unlimited.
Bargain!!! Considering I have 8 cameras on my cam plus subscription.
Now my question is, how do I go about changing over?
Add the unlimited and the original subscription is automatically cancelled?
Cancel the original subscription, then grab the unlimited?
Carry on Darren, it’s not what you think you wouldn’t actually be saving money…

Any suggestions?

It sort of depends. First, I’d purchase the unlimited, move the cameras to the new license and then cancel the annual plans. If you purchased them through Wyze (rather than Google or Apple) you should get a pro-rated refund on all the annual plans. If you bought them via Apple no refunds. Not sure about Google and Android.

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Agree w\ @WildBill with regards to purchasing the Annual Unlimited through the Wyze Website first, before cancelling the existing subscriptions and then moving the cams from the old to the new before cancelling.

However, Wyze recently transitioned to a new Subscriptions processing, administration and tracking platform. It is not capable of issuing prorated refunds like the old system. As a result, Wyze no longer offers refunds on cancelled subscriptions.

It is unclear at this time if this is retroactive to all subscriptions purchased through the previous system or if it is only on new purchases on the new system.

It is also unclear as to how subscription upgrades are handled (credit for unused portion).