How to switch to CamPlus Unlimited

I have 7 cameras all on yearly single Cam Plus licenses. It makes more sense to just have a Cam Plus unlimited. How does one switch? Do I just buy the unlimited plan and cancel the existing licenses and swallow the cost? My yearly plan renews in March '24 so it seems like I would be giving up a lot of money. Do I wait until March '24 and cancel then?

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You understand the situation. Wyze doesn’t promise prorated credits anymore for cancelations, so you’ll have to assume you won’t get one for canceling the old subscription. I have heard of a few situations that got prorated credits when they upgraded, but I believe they had grandfathered subscription codes from before the change took place.

Anyway, you’ll have to decide the answer to your questions yourself since you clearly understand your options, but for me personally, Cam Plus Unlimited is totally worth it. When I first upgraded to it, I had something like 4-5 cam plus licenses that I was told I couldn’t get prorated refunds for because they were from a special promotion. I upgraded anyway. Let me tell you one way you can view this:

You have one Cam Plus license. I’m assuming you got it for somewhere between $14.99-$19.99 for the whole year. So, you have 1 license, and you are wonder what makes financial sense here. Cam Plus unlimited is $99/yr. If you were to get more separate yearly licenses, then at what point is it still financially worthwhile?

$99 divided by $19.99 equals 4.95 more cameras. So basically, if you plan to use cam Plus on 5 more cameras (in addition to the 1 license you already have) or more than that, then getting the unlimited plan will still save you money and be a good experience overall, even if you can’t cancel that other license you already paid for. I wouldn’t worry about it too much because once you have 5 more cameras on Cam Plus (in addition to the one you already have), every camera after that is like it basically gets everything for free.

So, to me, the real question is…will you use at least 6 total cams with cam plus? If the answer is yes, then I would get Cam Plus Unlimited. It’s still an awesome deal. If you’re not going to use at least 6 cams on Cam Plus, then you could get single licenses or wait until next year or whatever.

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@carverofchoice is the one who helped me get onto the unlimited plan way back when the break even point was 7 cams. It has paid off over and over again since I have gone from 7 cams to 26.

When you do make the decision, either now or when your subs expire, just a few suggestions… Buy the subscription from the Wyze website, not the app. Buy the unlimited before you cancel your existing subs or before they expire. Unassign all cams from the existing subs and assign them all to unlimited while both are still active so you can make sure all are active and working on the unlimited sub.

The change to the prorated refund policy happened sometime in the 4th Quarter 2022 when Wyze changed subscription tracking platforms. If your subscriptions were originally purchased prior to that, there is a chance that they haven’t been migrated over to the new platform yet and are still grandfathered. I say a chance because there isn’t any way to know. But, if your original subscriptions were purchased after the new platform went live, there is 100% certainty that there isn’t going to be a prorated refund.

8 months paid subscription on 7 cams is a lot to loose. The only way I would do it now is if I was positive I have old subs or if I were going to add 5 or more cams in the near future. Then, it would be justified since it would cover the cost of the individual subs on those cams.

It used to be that you didn’t have to purchase new individual subs for new cams. You used to be able to add a cam to an existing sub and it would prorate the charge for the new cam for the number of months left until the original sub expired. That way all your cams expired on the cams day and renewal would be the single cam price X the number of cams on that sub. Not sure if that is still the case. Since I transitioned over to Unlimited prior to the subscription platform change, I don’t have to worry about adding new cams anymore so I don’t know if it still works that way. But, if it does, the other option is to add in new cams under your current subs, pay the prorated fee until March 2024, and then go to Unlimited then.

I was in your boat last month. I was surprised to get 2 refunds totaling $26 #YMMV. I think I had 4 or so CAM+ subs.