Messy CamPlus Subscription

I have had a CamPlus subscription for four V3 cams and have just bought another two cameras.

I set up one of the new ones and then bought another CamPlus subscription for it - I now have two separate payments which I find a bit messy. When I eventually set up the second extra camera then the CamPlus subscriptions for my six cameras will have three separate payments.

It’s it possible to combine the three payments into one?

I thought about cancelling all my CamPlus (now six of them) subscriptions and then subscribing them again - all six at the same time.

Is there an easier way?



Are you doing monthly or Annual

for 6 cameras if monthly at 1.99 I think the cost is around 145 a year

Annually 89.94 for 6 cameras…

You could do the cam plus unlimited for 99 dollars a year. That will give you 99 licenses annually and cancel your other subscriptions.


Check out Cam Plus Unlimited

Unlimited Yearly $99/year for 99 licenses: Wyze Services (with more than 7 cameras you break even)

Unlimited Monthly $9.99/month for 99 licenses: Wyze Services (with more than 5 cameras you break even)

Then every additional camera you add you are saving more $$$$

Cam Plus Unlimited gives you 99 licenses (cameras)

EDIT: R.Good beat me to it before I could add links :grin:


Hi @bryonhu and @R.Good - thanks for your helpful replies.

I am paying monthly and will stick to that I think - just in case anything gets messed up at Wyze.

I have cancelled my subscription for the 4 cameras and the separate one for the one camera so by 6th December I assume all 5 cameras will revert to the 12s videos and 5 minute cool down, then I can subscribe again but with all 6 cameras on the same bill from Google.

I assume Wyze will allow me to resubscribe without setting up all six cameras from scratch.

Once again, thank you both for saving me some money.


Subscribe directly through Wyze, at the Wyze services links.

Use @R.Good links given.

Google does not have good refund policies compared to directly dealing with Wyze :exclamation:


Thanks for letting me know - I only started with Wyze cams a few months ago so I just did a subscription from the app which took me to Google. I will do it from the link to Wyze but will wait until I am sure my existing subscriptions are finished.

I think I will do the yearly unlimited as you suggested - quite a big cost saving!

For sure stay away from Google, glad @bryonhu got to you quick enough. While yea it can be a little messy if trying to combine and prorate licenses, getting licenses from anyone other than Wyze for the service subscriptions is it’s own dumpster fire.


The unlimited scheme for 12 months is a big saving over what I am paying monthly for 5 cameras at the moment.

Thanks to both of you for all the help and advice.

Currently I have 24 cameras on CamPlus Unlimited annual plan so that’s a little over $4 per camera per year :grin:

I could still add 75 more cameras but really doubt I will…LOL

Still have 2 connected and online with CamPlus but I haven’t figured out where I will be locating them yet.

I’m on nearly 5 acres and most areas of interest are covered.

I just have lots of corners - I am waiting for someone who can make a camera that can see round corners.

Six is enough to cover my property - I have put some 940nm infra red illuminators on the walls so that I can set the cameras to night vision so I can see people but any intruder thinks they are in total darkness. There is very little light around here and the starlight feature on the V3 is not good enough.

If you get the Cam Plus Unlimited just put in 2 cameras at each corner.

You’ll have 99 licenses to use and cameras are cheap relatively speaking…

That is what I will have with the six cameras I have at the moment - I doubt I would actually use all the 99 cameras but it works out cheaper than what It am paying at the moment.

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If I cancel an annual subscription to switch to unlimited, will I get a refund?

Depends whom you purchased from.

If purchased through Wyze Services Directly Yes you will get a prorated refund for unused services.

If purchased through Google or Apple you may not be able to get a refund, but check with them if you can.


@R.Good and @bryonhu - just an update.

I went for the yearly unlimited subscription and it is up and running - my monthly subscriptions with Google finished today so all six of my V3s are now on the unlimited subscription.

Thanks to both of you - you have saved me quite a bit of money.

One final question … Is it possible to order the cams in the list into a sensible order. My cams are numbered 01 to 06 but I don’t seem to be able to get them to display in order. I have assigned and reassigned each cam many times but they will not display sensibly

I can get 01 to 04 to go in the correct order from top to bottom but then adding 05 and 06 displays them between 01 and 02.

It’s not a big thing but it is annoying!!!

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Excellent glad we were able to be of assistance.

Are you talking about in the Services Page?
I was going to say I think they are ordered based on assignment time vs name… but looks like that didn’t work for you and I just removed and re-added some.

Best I can tell It orders them based on Camera Type. In my case it goes;
Cam Pan V1
Cam Pan V2
V2 Wyze Cam
V3 Wyze Cam
Video Doorbell
Wyze Cam Outdoor

I no longer have any of the Wyze Cam V1’s but I could only assume it would be above the V2, and V3 in that list.

After that I see no rhyme or reason how it is ordered… possibly MAC Address???

Yes - it is the services page.

I can get 01 to 04 in order but then the last two go into random positions.

Ah well … It’s only important to my brain and obsessive sense of tidiness.

There are a few odd things in the app that are annoying but I will get used to them.

I did a ticket for one of them but nothing much happened from Wyze

Oh I completely understand. A view of one of my consistency requests I like to thank Uncle Sam and My Mother for my obsessive tidiness :wink:

My main annoyance is the last two updates have a problem when viewing events.

If you view them from bottom to top on the events list ( i.e. oldest to newest) then you get a “failed” message when you delete the event and then when you look at the next event you get the 04 error message.


If you view them from top to bottom of the events list ( newest to oldest) then all is fine.

My work-around is simple … Just don’t view the one at the bottom of the list until you have watched all the ones above it. All works as normal if you don’t view the very bottom event until last.

Eventually I worked out what is causing it - whoever coded that bit of the app forgot to refresh the page after the event is deleted. Swiping down on the events page refreshes it and there is no “failed” message … But you have to refresh the page after viewing and deleting each event.

I told Wyze Support about the problem and what was causing it - so I got was two messages saying it is passed on to the engineers then one saying the ticket is closed.

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Yeah that got me for a while, too, until I realized that it was removing the wrong video from the list (leaves the one you deleted and removes one you didn’t) and that you needed to refresh to get the list correct.