Five cameras, cam-plus options available

I currently have four cameras with a four pack cam-plus subscription but just added a video-doorbell camera. Do I have to add an individual cam-plus subscription or is there a way to integrate all cameras into one account?


Hi BWCAcanoe, welcome to the Monkey House. :slight_smile:

While this should be quite straightforward I suspect a subtle twist may be necessary to land this vault correctly.


Many deft Cam Plus-ers workout hereabouts so odds are good an informed one will soon come along…

When you sign up for Cam Plus, you can select how many you need as shown in the image below:

I believe you can go to your account online and into Services and then add more Cam Plus licenses to your existing subscription.

When you hit about 7 camera’s, it would be more beneficial to signup for the 99 Camera’s for $99 / year. Here is a link to a topic entry provided by @R.good.: