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Hey all.
I hope someone can help me with this questions because I’m a bit confused about this Cam Plus and its prices.

  1. I have the first version on the Wyze Cam and I have the Cam Plus for that version but today I just received my Version 3 Cams. does the Cam Plus for version 1 Can work for the Version 3 cams and if not does that mean I have to cancel the old subscription and start a whole new subscription for the V3’s.

  2. The other question is if I have to start a whole new subscription for the V3 cams does one subscription cover both cams in my house or do I have to buy one subscription for each camera. because that is unfair to me and others that we have to cancel one for another, I feel that cam plus on version 1 cam should work for version 3 cams.

cam plus works across all versions of the Wyze cams but you do have to buy a subscription for each camera itself for cam plus.

when you say version 1, are you speaking of the Wyze cam V1 OR 44of the first iteration of person detection? I fear there may be some confusion there.

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  1. When you purchase a CAM Plus subscription you may activate it on any of the WYZE cameras tied to your account. If activated on one camera today, you can choose to move that subscription to another camera on your account at any time in the future.

  2. If you have two cameras and want CAM PLUS to function on both cameras, you will need two subscriptions. If you have two cameras and only own one CAM PLUS subscription, you can choose to move that CAM PLUS subscription between the two cameras as you see fit. However, if you only purchase one CAM PLUS subscription, then only one camera will have that subscription tied to it at any given time (outside of any trial CAM PLUS subscriptions). Also, please know that one WYZE account will work for all of your WYZE gear despite the physical location of that gear. With that said, there is one exception to that rule, which will soon be resolved (based on the email WYZE sent out earlier this week). That exception is with the WYZE home monitoring solution. For instance, if you own a home and a cabin and want to use WYZE home monitoring at both locations, you currently need an account for each location. Again, WYZE is working on that and hope to have it resolved soon.


I’m also confused about their pricing. I subscribed initially on Oct 10, 2020 for my V2, So my renewal date is obviously Oct 10, 2021. After two months I bought another 2 V2. I’ve got 2 weeks Cam+ trials on those. After the trials, I’ve added 1 more subscription on Dec. When I checked the renewal date, it still says Oct 10, 2021. That doesn’t make sense. Why combined the renewal date of two cameras if it was bought on separate date. What if I bought my subscription 1 month before my renewal date? Are they also consolidate them into one?

Howdy Spanky:
I dig your nick! What you posted does not jive with my personal experience. Are you 100% certain that you activated your second purchased CAM PLUS subscription? Both of my subscriptions show the expiration date 1 year from the actual purchase date.

I’m guessing that maybe you’re still using trial subscriptions and the expiration date you see is for that first CAM PLUS subscription that you purchased? Use a browser and login to your account to check “My Services” tied to your account. Here is a screen shot of the two CAM Plus subscriptions that I have…


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Yes, I activated it after the trial. I subscribed two months apart. But still showing this.

The support insists:

The date starts from the day it was purchased, it can’t be reset.

But from what I can see from yours she’s lying.

Yeah, that’s very odd. To use my nice words, I think the support person is mistaken. It does not make any sense to buy a brand new one year subscription and have 2 months taken off the top of it because you had purchased a previous 1 year subscription 2 months earlier.

I would try to escalate your support request up the food chain if at all possible. @WyzeDongsheng

Yeah, I would definitely escalate it. Thank you. Have a nice Holiday.

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We are combining bills for a couple of reasons -

  1. You don’t get too many one small bills, imagine you have 5 licenses…
  2. to reduce the credit transaction fee, so that we can offer the service at the lowest possible price.

When combining bills, your bill will also adjust to match the same bill date. ( e.g. the later license will be renewed at a prorated price ). If you want to double check, you can DM me your wyze account, and I can help you check to be sure.


Ah, that makes sense. So if I buy my first CAM Plus one year subscription today, then go 11 months before I buy another one year subscription, I’ll just be billed for 1 month on that second subscription even though I bought an annual subscription.

Then during my annual renewal (one year from my initial CAM plus subscription), I will pay for two 1-year subscriptions.

Thank you for the clarification and good to know.

It looks like the black Friday deal is being handled a bit differently?

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Very very good information to know. Thank you for the clarification @WyzeDongsheng.

I’m going to tag some information experts in this just so if this question comes up again we can reference this post. @Mods. And of course @Mavens


the combining bill was done on a plan level. E.g you have 3 licenses of an annual plan, it will combine the billing. But if you have 2 licenses of an annual plan, and 1 license of the monthly plan, it will not combine.
The black Friday plan was a unique promotion plan, so it was set up as a separate plan, therefore, not combine bills with a regular annual plans.


Thank you, sorry for not sharing this earlier and causing some confusion.


Why would you combine a plan when bought months apart? In my case, 2 months apart. What if 6 months, 10 months etc. ?

@WyzeDongsheng, if I added an additional plan and charge me for the remaining of the original plan, then I would understand. But charging me a full amount for the remainder of the original renewal date, that doesn’t make sense to me. Thanks a lot for responding, by the way, my apology.

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can you DM me your wyze account ? and I can look at the specific to see if there is any issues.


This clears things up a bit !
I was wondering why, I didn’t have it on both cams !

Now with all the deal pricing ? I shud have waited ! :cry:

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Happy to help and have a great day. I know what you mean when you say should have waited. Hindsight is always 20/20. :slight_smile:

@WyzeDongSheng, I’ve cancelled my subscription and re-subscribe. That’s the best thing the product specialist can advise me. I’m not impressed though.

You say E.g you have 3 licenses of an annual plan, it will combine the billing. That’s pretty obvious if you bought them at the same time. If you bought an additional plan months after the first plan and consolidate it in one renewal date then that’s not ok. Ok if the additional plan is being charged on the remaining months of the first plan. Anyway, I’m just bringing this up so others can learn. In case they encounter the same situation.


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I think we’re on the same page. I currently have 6 subscriptions since early October but have a total of 18 wyze cams (7 are the new v3’s and 2 are the Outdoors) and was waiting for the v3’s to arrive. When I went to add subscriptions it appears these will expire in October, effectively losing two months and I can find nothing on it prorating the price down. Is this the issue you had? If so, are they suggesting we cancel our existing plans for refund of the unused and then purchase all of those again plus any new ones? If so, that’s really messed up, unfair and kind of dishonest. I’ve read their contract and didn’t see anything regarding this issue nor can I find it in the FAQ. And I’ve yet to be able to contact anyone at support since they don’t use the support email anymore but it sounds like you got through over phone or via chat which I’ve had no luck so far. Any tips for that as well?

Thank you,