Cam Plus Issue?

Hey all, question: is Cam plus only for one device? I have a cam pan and outdoor and the outdoor now supports cam plus but appears I cannot select it without deselecting the cam pan.

That is my understanding. You get a license for each camera because each camera uniquely requires access to wyze servers.

But, I’m a newbie.

Same. I just recently started being in these forums. Wonder if clicking ok gives you the license. I’m about to find out.

Dead end on that. Think you’re right on the licenses part though but not sure how to obtain another.

Cam Plus is purchased on a per device basis, 1 device needs 1 license, 2 devices 2 licenses etc.


Thank you for that. Trying to figure out how to get the second license.

Sorry for my delayed reply, you should be able to acquire another license from

FYI, I loaded the Free 30 day cam plus subscription into my WYZE outdoor camera and immediately lost the alerts for motion recording. I tried everything that their Tech support suggested with no success. I had to delete the subscription to get motion alerts back.

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Yeah I’m having a similar issue, my cam pan doesn’t person detect since I got a subscription for it and my outdoor cam; but the outdoor person detection works fine