Can Plus Notifications

I have a few Cam Pan V3 cameras set up and they’re all on the Cam Plus subscription. I’ve adjusted my settings to only notify me of “person” and “pet” but I’m still getting notifications every 2 minutes or so for “complete motion detected” when it’s just cars passing by. I mean it’s actually blowing my phone up. I’ve adjusted the settings every way I can think of. WHY am I still being notified of “all other motion” when I’ve specifically unselected that and ONLY have “person” and “pet” selected?!:weary::weary:

Someone else posted about the same notification issues on Cam Plus Unlimited. Last post there was that it was a known issue. Might be related:

Yup, I’m going through the same thing. Getting over 200 notifications an hour sometimes about noise and vehicles and everything! It’s crazy.

I’ve been told they know there’s an issue and they’re working on a fix…but I haven’t been told what the issue is or when it will be fixed. Hoping it’s soon. And maybe if we’re lucky they’ll offer us some $$ compensation since we’re paying for something that literally isn’t working.