Can I use 2 different cameras with same app?

Hi, I’m currently using a V3 and have the app downloaded onto my Samsung phone. I also have the subscription. I’m looking at buying a second camera. I’m undecided whether I’ll get another V3 or maybe the telephoto. What I’m trying to determine is whether I can add the new camera to the existing app on my phone (assuming I go with the telephoto) or will this require me to download a separate app for the other camera?. I don’t have a lot of extra space on my phone so I’m hoping I can use both types with the same app. Thanks.

Also… I’m assuming that I would need to buy a second subscription if I want to use the second camera?

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Answering the question in your topic title: Yes. I have 27 cams and countless other Wyze devices installed to my app. There are some users who have over 100 cams. Everything Wyze goes thru the one Wyze app.

If you plan to run two cams and you want both on Cam Plus, you will need two subscriptions. If you do purchase a second cam and want it to also be on Cam Plus as well as the first cam, I would suggest not purchasing a new subscription as then you will have two different terms and different expiration dates to manage. Instead, add a second cam to your existing subscription by managing your subscription thru either your App Store or thru, depending on how you bought your original subscription. That way they both expire together. In doing so, you should only be charged for the new cam subscription thru the remaining period on the existing subscription.

If, however, you are planning to replace the V3 completely and only run one cam, you can install the new cam, unassign the old cam from the Cam Plus subscription, and then assign the new cam to it. The subscription term will not change and you won’t incur any new subscription charges. Subscriptions don’t care which cam is assigned to it, or any cam for that matter.

many thanks for your response. This is very helpful. My subscription to cam plus just got renewed on Sept 21 (never got any emails reminding me about it). Right now I’m kinda undecided what to do. The V3 has been for the most part pretty good. It’s had a few quirks. But I wasn’t sure if they have a certain lifespan before needing to be replaced. My camera is exposed to a lot of sun. Several times in recent weeks it has stopped recording. Live footage continues to work. So I just unplugged it and everything went back to normal. So I wasn’t sure if getting a new V3 would solve that issue. Also, my phone is probably 4 years old and perhaps some of the quirks I’m experiencing has something to do with this. Like when I play back the clips it seems to be in slow motion (I can speed it up). It doesn’t seem to play smooth.

I would say that the V3 has not even reached its half life yet. There are still users out there with V1 and V2 cams and the V3 is still the Wyze Flagship cam.

There have been issues in the past introduced by firmware bugs, app bugs, cloud bugs, and AWS service outages. Some of those may have contributed to what you were experiencing. The best you can do is to keep your app and firmware up to date.

Your phone will make a significant impact on your app experience. At the beginning of the month I upgraded from a 2020 Android 11 to a 2023 Android 13 and the improvement is beyond noticable. One thing you can do to improve streaming quality is to enable the Hardware Decoder toggle in the App Settings. This will shift the Video Decoding responsibility away from the app and assign it to your GPU chip in your phone. If the GPU is capable, it will free up some resources in the CPU for the app.