Cams under 2 accounts but one phone

I bought a pair of Wyze V3 cams last year and they suited the purpose well.

I bought a 3rd camera a few weeks ago and it is NOT the same camera because the 12 second cloud storage was gone. I signed up for Cam Lite (free) but absolutely do not trust opting in for my original 2 cams I can’t understand all the legal mumbo jumbo and figure Wyze can just start forcing me to pay monthly fees for all 3 cams.

I want to monitor all 3 cams remotely on one phone, in the same session using 2 different emails. Can this be done?

Yes. On the one camera that is using a different account, share the camera with your other account. Note, there are a few limitations of what you can and can not do with a shared camera.

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It’s the same camera, but the back end that provides the cloud based 12 second recordings changed.

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I did this and so on the old account…

  1. I can see events
  2. Cannot see playback from the SD Card <<<this will be an inconvenience for sure.
  3. Cannot configure.

Hopefully the model will change in the future where the Cam Plus stuff can be associated with the camera + account as the unique identifier instead of just the account.

In today’s world a different license = different camera.
Part of my job involves software licensing.

Wyze charges what you authorize them to charge. If you don’t want to pay and opt for $0, then that’s all they will charge you. If you sign up both accounts under that scenario, you get your 12-second clips back on all cams.

But if you share, you will always be crippled by lack of control over the cameras. Why not run all the cameras off one account? Even people with vacation homes in other states do that. :slight_smile:

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Why don’t I signup all cams for cam plus lite?
If it was clear that I could opt-out and get back to the system I had previously, yes I would change.
Sure it is $0 today but what is stopping them from adding fees in the future?

However good/bad Wyze’s intentions are they are presented in a way that has created mistrust.
I build software systems, they could do a small amount of work and get it so I get all cams under the same account without crippling one. Why not do that?

When you sign up for Cam Plus Lite it is for all compatible cameras on that account. So all your V3s should work.

Here are a couple settings to check:

Account tab > Services > Cam Plus Lite tab > Add camera (at bottom). Are all your cameras check-marked?

Camera Settings > Event Recording > Recording Type > Choose video. Note there may still be a bug that doesn’t allow this to complete, but I think it is iOS-only.

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