Two accounts access

I have 2 locations for my cameras. At the time I made an account for each location.
Is getting really annoying to sign out and in every time I want to view or edit settings.

Is there a way to see and view all my cameras in one place without signing out and signing in all the time? (Not as a shared camera as I can’t edit settings and view recordings)
If not can you please make it possible?
Like a drop down to switch accounts!
If not, can I merge both accounts?
Thank you.

I assume at least one of the cameras is where you live. Just load up the account of the remote camera, then perform the add procedure over again on your local camera using that account. Note: You didn’t say what kind of camera you have, but if it is an Outdoor Camera you will need to release both it and the Base from your local account first.

After you add the local camera to your remote account, then you will have effectively merged the two accounts, and the remote account will just become “the” account.