How to manage two accounts with one app

I live in my own home and manage the cameras in my elderly parents’ home. The problem is that my own home’s wyze network (a second wyze installation), the admin is one of our building personnel and I am a shared camera account. When he’s away or unavailable, I cannot fix camera issues when they go offline or something doesn’t work as planned. It seems you can only login to a wyze app with one email account. In addition, there seems to be no way to have multiple admins for the same wyze cameras, e.g. I can’t be shared with admin access. The latter seems like an obvious extension and it’s not complex (multiple admins, one master settings.) The only way it seems to be able to do this is to log out of the wyze app, login using the building admin’s email account and password and login as that person. This is really not ideal at all for many reasons. Is there another workaround for this?

Here are some wishlist that I think apply here. Give them a vote if you’d like to support these feature wishes!


Thanks. It’s much the same issue. I also have a camera setup for my office. It’s a real isssue trying to manage multiple sites.

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You know, I’ve never tried it, but I bet TinyCam can handle this - its settings including Wyze login seem unique to each camera defined.

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