Multiple Wyze apps

possibility to install a second APP with a different account ( like Facebook does) so we can monitor the 2 location in real-time)

Can’t you share devices with other accounts? It’s an option in the settings of each device. You only need one app and it would show your devices as well as the shared devices.

Yes I could do that, and would work for cameras and switches, but I would not have real-time notification of the HMS in the second location, or be able to arm and disarm the system, is that correct?

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I’m not sure what all the capabilities would be. I don’t have HMS and all my stuff is on one account so it’s not something I’ve tested. I’ve only noticed the sharing capabilities in the settings of most devices. Might be worth testing with another device and email, just to see what you can and can’t do.

Only one HMS per account…correct. To monitor two locations you need two Wyze accounts/emails, at least so far.


I am asking Wyze to create a 2nd app for iPhone/iPad users. This app has to be named differently by the developer and loaded on the App Store or be available at Wyze.

If you use Wyze cams and devices in multiple locations and want to have separate apps (I.e., home and vacation home. or home and office, or home and parents house, etc) Apple will not allow multiple app co texts on iPhone / iPad unless the second copy has a different name in its app context.

Can Wyze add this feature?

The app can be the production release and be available on Wyze or the App Store as Wyze 2

This will allow a default home app and a second d location without the log off / on and 2FA, etc.

Of course the next logical option is to allow the user to download the app and create multiple copies like Wyze.1, Wyze.2, etc for the number of distinct locations where they are using Wyze products.

This is possible on Android as understand it but not iPhone / iPad without help from Wyze


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Download more than 1 wyzecam app on your phone.

Ability to have multiple Wyze apps on your phone to monitor several homes without having to login and logout each time.
Stay logged in to each property with its own app on your phone.
Label each Wyze app the name of your property to navigate quickly between properties without having to login logout


Ability to have multiple Wyze apps on your phone, one for each property is excellent!
People won’t need to buy different brands of cameras anymore to achieve this.
So easy for Wyze programmers to do this at basically Zero cost with HUGE Upside for MORE users and SALES. … More customers Satisfaction :slightly_smiling_face:

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YES Multiple apps on 1 phone is NEEDED.
Currently Not possible on Android or iphone or any device.

Needed for EVERYONE with Vacation Homes or Multiple Properties

Simple for Wyze Programmers to do at virtually ZERO cost.

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Agreed! This is a must and a definite need. I hope they can make this happen

Or better yet have the ability to have multiple locations under the same ID i.e Location 1, Location 2. You can see lots of folks want the ability to monitor more than one home from the app


We just sort of did a work-around with this issue. We have two home monitoring systems, They were purchased and registered under two different email addresses. The app for one is on my phone, the app for the other is on my wife’s. She shared the devices on her app with me. So far, however, I cannot control the entire system that is on my wife’s app.

I have the same request as we have 2 properties and it would be great if we could monitor both of them in the same app. I noticed that this request was made 2 years ago and it is disappointing that it hasn’t been added yet. I hope that this functionality is available soon

@d.shostak, “I have the same request as we have 2 properties and it would be great if we could monitor both of them in the same app. I noticed that this request was made 2 years ago and it is disappointing that it hasn’t been added yet. I hope that this functionality is available soon”

The only way I was able to solve that issue was to have one app for my home location on my phone and another for the second location on my wife’s phone. of course, we can share some functions but not monitor. So she has to disarm the system on the second location.


@JimPerry I have 2 logins. For instance one could be and the other could be Still Wyze should have fixed this years ago.

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@GadgetGeek are you saying that you have two different monitoring systems on one app, using two different logins?

Or two apps on one phone with two different logins?

Or something else?

Let’s ask the question another way: Can one person with one cell phone monitor two different locations?

Two logins one app. The biggest pain is you can only be logged into one at a time.

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I have heard that there are 3rd party apps that will “clone” any app on your phone, give it a separate space for the cloned app and then let you use a different login/account and settings for the second app. I haven’t personally used them, I was tempted to try this option a while ago but never got around to it:

If anyone tries any of the cloning or dual app loading options with the Wyze App, let us know how it went and whether it also populates notifications for the cloned app using the second account.

Wyze is not currently capable of being cloned

Yes been asking for this for years to no avail from Wyze. Multiple apps on one device with different logins for different properties and access… Needed for professionals and Wyze could sell more to professionals