Home Monitoring and Cam Protect Support for Multiple Locations/Addresses

It would be nice to be able to have multiple addresses. Eg second home.

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Absolutely agree - I have three locations that I want to monitor, but it looks like I would need 3 separate phones in order to do that. This is a MUST!

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They said they are working on allowing this in the future.

For now while we wait, if it’s time critical you can probably just create a separate Wyze account and switch between them, or separate Android user accounts you can switch between on the same phone.

At the very least, the alarm will still go off and Noonlight can still alert your phone off any potential issues.

Granted, that’s not an ideal solution, especially for an annual subscription… What if Wyze starts allowing 2 on the same account within the year and you want to move it over to the main account? Also, does the HMS voucher expire like other vouchers have, and if so, will it expire before 2+ systems on the same account is possible? Will people lose money from this? Should everyone return the extra systems they bought and wait until it’s officially supported to have multiple or will Wyze extend the voucher time for all those people (which I assume is the case)?

We do know they said they will make this available. Hopefully it is soon. A lot of things related to it are in place already (being able to assign things to a specific home, testing out a new rules engine, etc), so I expect it will be at least another 2 months before this is possible… But I am just guessing based on some related things recently getting tested.


Add a second location on one account for Home and Office or a second home.


Has it not occurred to our friends at Wyze that a customer might have multiple homes?

I have just learned that only ONE Home Monitoring site and Home Monitoring Kit may be associated with an email address/account. This being the case, it becomes necessary for one to set up TWO SEPARATE ACCOUNTS, with TWO SEPARATE EMAIL ADDRESSES, if one wishes to use Wyze Home Monitoring in two separate homes. This is STUPID! More so, it’s not even close to being competitive with SimpliSafe which, along with offering more core functionality (Panic Buttons, Remote Alarm Hardware, etc.) ALSO allows you to set-up multiple homes ON THE SAME ACCOUNT.

Is this GLARING OMISSION going to be addressed, or should I simply return my Wyze hardware and reinstall my SimpliSafe systems?

A response from Wyze would be most appreciated.


Thank you for your thoughts and insights. I am hopeful that our friends at Wyze understand that this is not a trivial issue for those of us who would like to use Wyze Home Monitoring products at multiple homes and offices.


I too would find this capability extremely helpful. Is there any word on when?

The large infusion of cash announced by Wyze this week (congratulations!) could help facilitate this change.

Is there any indication, or ranked wishlist list of upcoming projects? Thanks.

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Even as necessary, I have a shop on my property which is too far from the house to use just one hub. Need to add a second one for that building.

Given the fact that Wyze (as any company in your situation) would like to develop Recurring Revenue Streams, it seems a SIGNIFICANT oversight that you are not addressing this issue as a priority one issue since I would think that you would wish to encourage those with multiple homes to become enthusiastic users of the Wyze ecosystem.

In truth, had I known up front of this serious limitation of the Wyze Home Monitoring solution, I would not have removed my SimpliSafe system from two of my locations. I have additional locations that could be Wyze locations. Naturally, I am not even contemplating a move to Wyze, at this time. In fact, I am contemplating stopping my two Wyze monitoring subscriptions (on 2 separate e-mail accounts – VERY inconvenient!) and going back to SimpliSafe.

Additionally, since Wyze appears to be less than responsive in answering the many times posed question, “…when, if ever, is this matter going to be addressed,” Wyze is hardly inspiring confidence in your Home Monitoring User Community.


I would like to use wyze home monitoring at my house and vacation home. I bought two wyze sense hubs however it looks like I can only have one per account.

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That’s correct…one per account right now. Wyze is allegedly working on something to fix this.

Not a perfect option but can’t I just sign up with my second email account to work with another monitoring system?

What are the negatives / limitations of doing this?


Lack of consolidation… the Wyze app currently supports only a single user account tied to an email address. Your phone’s/tablet’s operating system won’t allow you to install multiple instances of the Wyze app. You can create multiple accounts and tie each to a separate home monitoring system (HMS) over different phones/tabs, but that’s not practical. You can also load one instance of the Wyze app on a single device and log in/out using different accounts, but the problem with that method is twofold… each HMS account must have a unique contact phone number, notifications from multiple HMS systems to one device currently won’t work well if at all. This change request (Wishlist item) seeks to allow for the latter.


Still hoping Wyze will address this issue and make it possible to have multiple HMSs on one account. I need to install as second security system at my vacation home, and if Wyze doesn’t provide a better way to do this I’m going to have to bail. Too bad, I’ve been a Wyze user from day 1 and have a lot invested in it, but this - and other significant gaps, like the inability to automate HMS actions and responses - are fast becoming a showstopper for me.

I suspect there are a lot of Wyze customers who need to add one or more additional HMSs, and you’d think Wyze would want to capitalize on this instant revenue stream…

@UserCustomerGwen, any inside guidance here??

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In the absence of any response I went ahead and bought a second HMS to install on my boat. I already had 2 cams, but added in 2 sensors, 2 motion detectors and a keypad, 3 leak detectors and 3 temp sensors. (It’s a big boat.) Everything connects to the HMS and I can see the second hub and its devices and get alerts from all the devices - yay! But there’s no way to arm the system, even in test mode: the only hub connected to HMS is the original one in my house. I can’t see any way to add in my second hub, and that would be useless anyway, since it’s not in the same location as my house.

So if any of you are interested, this is only a partial solution but is better than nothing!

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Thanks for sharing! This is very interesting. I was really curious what would happen in this kind of situation. It’s especially interesting how it works having the second hub in an entirely separate location with a different WiFi.

Honestly I’m just glad that the second hub works on the same account and allows adding devices even if they aren’t tied to the HMS system. So basically it just ends up functioning the same way everything did on the V1 sensors when we had multiple bridges, it’s just that their monitoring tab can only take into account a single hub tied to the subscription.

Thanks again for letting us know.

I have an office and a home, both with cameras and I just added the Home Monitoring to my office to get familiar with it and was just assuming I could add it to my home as well! That’s a really shocker that I can’t!!

That will be two yearly subscriptions from myself if they can speed this up and make it work.

Otherwise I’ll have to look into a HomeKit solution as I have some Homekit devices at home as well.

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Has anyone tried this for a second location…

Set up a additional account
using a different email, user ID
and password?

Would the app, in this arrangement, require a second
phone to work?

I wish to have multiple homes under one account. We have three homes and I would like to arm / disarm and monitor all three homes within one app and one login. Home 1, home 2 and home 3 should all be visible and controllable.

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Multiple home monitoring homes in one account!

Please make this possible!!!