Home Monitoring and Cam Protect Support for Multiple Locations/Addresses

Please add the ability to access both my home monitoring systems to my Android phone.


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Any update on this?

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Yes I’ve done this. But it’s not ideal. Ideally we can control both systems from one account.

Yes, please make this happen. Multiple homes within one account.

How are you doing this?

I like the Wyze system but am frustrated that I can only use their system for one home. I’m about ready to go away from Wyze and use another system for our other homes.

I don’t believe it would be that complicated for them to provide this function but they evidently don’t feel it’s a high enough need.

It’s unlikely that the majority of Wyze users have multiple residences. I am glad that you are fortunate

Speak for yourself. There are many many instances where multiple location could exist. Girl friend boyfriend, vacation home, 2nd home, separated parents, etc.

Someone running an airbnb business

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The only available option for now is to create a separate account for your different HMS.

But it’s so frustrating. I have an Airbnb and will have more. I want to monitor all on one account. Not possible. Please Wyze make this possible.

So glad to find this before I ordered 2nd wyze for home, come on guys get this done!

Yup actually need multiple home setup asap!

Ability to configure multiple sense hubs to a single single Wyze account while allowing specific sensors defined to specific hubs

Use case: multiple physical locations and want to manage all v2 sensors, alerts, monitoring, and payments from a single Wyze account.

How it would work:

  • In the Wyze app, the user defines one or more groups or locations such as Seattle and Bozeman or Home and Workshop
  • whenever a new v2 sensor or hub is added, it must be added to an existing (or new) group
  • each group or sensors in a group can have different alert, notification, and other settings
  • when an event is triggered, the notifications include the name of the group that sensor is a member of allowing the recipient to clearly know which group or location name the alert is associated with
  • for any shared alerts or notifications, those are applied at either the group level or per sensor

Allows a single Wyze account to manage multiple installations and configs of Wyze sense hubs and v2 sensors. No need to setup and manage multiple Wyze accounts and logins.
Simplified billing - one credit card, one charge, same time every month (or year)
Bundling - could allow for discounts on multiple, monitored locations/sites or insurance
Organizes the configuration and control of devices into pre-defined groups instead of a flat-file type list


Is this a current feature or something planned for the future?

This forum thread is a #wishlist topic… users are suggesting a new change/addition to a Wyze service (Home Monitoring).

How to Use the Wishlist

Wishlist? More like an ignore list They haven’t made a single change since this was started.

Single change to what?

Any of the “wishes” have not been granted aka changed. Wyze is not responsive to us customers instead they just sell new stuff and discontinue old versions.
So long rant summed up, I bet these won’t be be added to existing hardware instead they will eventually make a new version and just tell v2 users we have to buy all new stuff. (This happened to cameras and many other Wyze products)

I don’t know, I have seen TONS of wishlist items that have become a reality and officially launched.

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Please peruse the #roadmap category. Every item you see is a former wishlist request submitted by a fellow Wyze user and expanded upon via use case replies. Roadmap items with a “launched” status are former wishlist requests that have been implemented.

I understand your frustration with this particular wishlist item. I also need support for multiple HMS tied to a single account to cover 2 properties. I also need multiple PINs. And shared access with other household members, guests, etc., where I am the primary stakeholder delving out limited/restricted HMS permissions. All of these items are wishlist requests or roadmap items and all Wyze has publicly stated they are committed to developing these features. I don’t have inside info on timing & marketing, but I have faith that Wyze will come through for us and probably at no additional cost. With regards to this particular wishlist item, I’m already paying for 2 systems and subscriptions. It’s a pain having to use 2 accounts for monitoring and Wyze is well aware of the issues we face.


All happy customers using Wyze HMS will like to have other address and office to use same system. This will automatically double Wyze sales… looking forward to have this enabled and be able to monitor from one phone