When can I put my 2nd Wyze Home Monitoring system on my one app to see and control both?

I purchased two WHM systems not knowing I couldn’t add them both to my app. When is this slated for? I had to choose which home was most important. Yes I am already aware of getting a second phone and downloading the app and creating a second Acct and adding…NO not happening. That a workaround not worth much to me. I need access to all my stuff from my singular app. What’s the word??? I see the button for it.

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This is the best I can find for ya right now:

Thank you. Yes I saw that when I first discovered the issue in March. Just trying to get an update on “future “ date and what that looks like.

Sherene :blush:

I’m sure if and when it’s ready to roll out it’ll be announced here on the forum, it’ll be announced in different newsletters and the support pages will be changed to reflect it. No update that I’ve seen is yet other than it’s being looked into for the future. Sorry couldn’t help you out more!

Instead of a whole separate phone, can’t you just log in and out of your two accounts in the "singular app* on your one phone? Still not ideal…

You might also be able to accomplish this with two Android user profiles.

If your phone supports “dual apps” or multiple profiles, that might help for now.

I wish they’d get this sorted. I’m in the same situation. I don’t quite understand why they let us buy multiple when they can’t support multiple.

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Thanks for the input.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Seems like everything Wyze is doing now is all about profit and not about performance.