Wyze Home monitoring - Why can't we have multiple locations on one account?

When will Wyze allow multiple locations to be monitored on ne account - i.e. vacation home and residential address or other locations.

I do not want to have a new account for every location only one account for all locations - will these happen ? I bought (3) systems thinking I could have all on one account - if not will need to return all three and find a different solution - please advise.

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I agree with your suggestion. We have two homes I would like to be able to access both homes through the one application. Prior to this I was using iSmart alarm and that function did exist. Please add multiple homes to the functionality of the security system.


The functionality to: “Add Home” should allow a user to add a new home or location to their account with its own set of wyze devices, subscriptions, rules, etc.

Please add this functionality! I bought two home monitoring kits, but now can only use one.



I bought 2, appears I can only use 1


This. Why they would even sell two it the same account without warning baffles me.


Literally should be able to “add home” here. Has anyone else tried setting up under a different account and then sharing the devices to your main account?

I only tried setting up under another email account but then realized I had only one app and would have to load to another phone??? This is what Wyze support said too. I do not want two phones or a secondary device to manage my homes. Tech support had no ETA on when this would be resolved. @WyzeGwendolyn the “add home” button… When is this slated to go live?