Wyze Home Monitoring on 2nd House

My father splits his time between two homes. When he’s not in the house near me I take care of it. A few months ago I installed a Wyze door lock putting it on my account that has all my cameras for my home. I’ve now just bought Home Monitoring with multiple water and open/close sensors for his place to ensure I know about any leaks or break-ins. I’m not sure if I should be setting up a new account for his house or put his home monitoring on mine? I’d love to hear others’ suggestions or experience with monitoring a second home.

If you need two HMS systems, you need two Wyze accounts. HMS only works with one hub, one home, one account.

I have 2 accounts since the home alarm system will only allow you 2 have 1 per account

Agree that Home Monitoring at two or more locations on one account is needed. For now, the workaround is two separate Wyze accounts–one for each location, which essentially requires two phones.

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Isn’t it possible to do it w\ one phone by logging out of the app and logging back in under the second credentials?

Yes, that is also possible–good point. Either way, it’s a hassle that should not be necessary to monitor two locations.

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Had thought about this planning something for a family vacation home. But also just realized, if the alarm sounds and I’m not logged into that account, no app push notifications, only Noonlight texts and a phone call. Also would have to have all the cams on my primary home account as they would be useless for notifications if not logged into the app running in the background. Wonder :thinking: if there is some workaround way of running concurrent apps.

Great points again. If you have two people involved the two phones/ separate wyze accounts works but I would much prefer being able to monitor the two locations on one account. Hopefully Wyze can address this soon.

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