Second Home - How to set up 2nd Home Home Monitoring In Same App Log In


I have the Home Monitoring system on my wyze app but I wanted to add more than 1 home into it. Is there a good work around this issue?

I don’t want to have 2+ logins just to view the hub/keypad/door sensors.

Second Wyze account.

Unfortunately, there is a current limitation of only one HMS Subscription per Wyze Account. And, you can only be logged into one Wyze account at a time so the only push notifications you will receive are those from the account the App is logged into when last closed.

Noonlight, however, operates via SMS and Phone Call, so there isn’t a problem there.

That is the only option.

Is it possible to have the second home account on a separate device (iPhone for one and an iPad for the other house) and leave them each logged in?