Using the App with 2 homes

I have a second property where i would like to install the Wyze outdoor cam and Wyze home monitoring. I have my own outdoor and indoor cams, wyze doorbell etc. at my primary residence.

Can i set up the outdoor cam and monitoring for the second home using in the same app i use for my primary residence? If so, how? Is it as simple as connecting to the other home’s wi-fi and adding these devices? I am afraid if i do so, something will get messed up. Thanks

Yes, that simple :slight_smile:

Hi @zmap001 and welcome to the Community Forum! slightly_smiling_face:
Do you mean the Wyze Home Security (HMS) monitoring?

That would require a separate hub, subscription and police permit for each address.
When an alarm is triggered and dispatch alerted, law enforcement would oly go to the primary addres.

Yes, but i dont use Wyze as my home monitoring solution in my primary home so i guess that would be ok. But as mentioned, I want to be able to use the home monitoring solution in the 2nd home and it looks like that is doable.

But I am still confused on whether i can have multiple base stations and linked outdoor camera’s in both properties. So basically 2 base stations and 2 outdoor cameras at each property all monitored via the same App on my phone. Any ideas if that setup will work?

Hub (as opposed to base) plus a subscription (required to make it work at this time) can not say. Hopefully the hub will work as a stand alone in the future.
Currently if you dedicated one contact sensor (that never opened) to a 2nd registered hub, would think able to just get notifications.
This is an interesting question. . . :thinking:

Yes, as long as you set up all outdoor base stations and outdoor cams using the same account info (same email address/password). Same goes for any other types of Wyze cams… just set them up under the same account, log into the Wyze app with the same account info and they’ll all show up regardless of location.

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I also have two homes and want to expand use of Wyze products at the second one. Using Nest products before it was simple to toggle between homes showing unique products located at each. Seems like a good thing for Wyze to consider as they continually expand their product line and have users increasing with the same situation outlined above. I can say that trying to separate 10s of products in two locations and easily keep track on one big view screen is onerous,

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Is there any update on this? I am surprised that Wyze has taken this long to get this resolved.

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Any update on when Wyze home monitoring will support 2 locations?