Can you view cameras on different houses on the same app?

I want to install cameras on multiple homes how can I do that and view them on one app? Or is it even possible.

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You can connect cameras at different locations to your Wyze account and view/manage them within the app. Location has no direct impact on cameras, only linking them to the same account is important.

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How do you do that? I’m running them off of two different networks naturally but I cannot get the second home to work.

When you setup the cameras you choose a network for wifi. However, you set them up using the same Wyze account, not a second one. You only need two accounts if you are trying to use the Home Monitoring Service at two locations, which introduces a whole set of additional issues.

So, when at the second location, open the Wyze app and add a new camera at the new location.

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So are you saying take the new cameras to the original address link them to the app and then move them to the new house and they will work off of a different Wi-Fi network?

No…take the cameras to the new location, connect your phone to that Wi-Fi, then start the add new camera process. If both locations use the same SSID and password, you could set them up at the first house, move them to the second and they should work.


the new house will be a different Network than the original house.

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Basic situation

  1. Do you already have two networks established at two different locations
    each with their own unique credentials, ie, Network Name (SSID) and Password?

  2. If so, while connected to the WiFi at the first location, add the cams for that location to the Wyze app, supplying that WiFi’s credentials when prompted.

  3. Go to the second location, connect to the WiFi there, add the cams for that location to the Wyze app, supplying that WiFi’s credentials when prompted.

  4. At that point all cams from both locations should be fully functional and viewable in the Wyze app.

There’s an intermediate situation that WildBill is pointing to but it might be confusing when one’s first starting out.

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Thank you and wild Bill

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The key to viewing any cameras regardless of their location or network is: Set up ALL cams under the same account.

Cams are tied to an account.

Account is tied to email/password combo.

Go through the cam setup process using the same app with the same login credentials for all cams. You can do this setup anywhere, anytime, mix locations, different networks… just use the same login for each setup. They will all show up in the app regardless of where you are located and where the cams are located.

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All you do is just add them to your account we currently have over 88 cams that we monitor for us and our maintenance customers

Thanks @Seapup, for the reminder. I see @WildBill led with it up top, but I hadn’t fully realized the import of that fact (I have one Account and one WiFi network on which everything is set up.)

The following is for my own purposes, to expose any misconceptions I may have:

The cams are dedicated to:

  1. The Wyze Account (email/password) they’re set up on
  2. The WiFi network they’re set up on (SSID/password)
  3. The Wyze App.

The App:

  1. Operates on the single Account (email/password) with which the User has signed-in.

  2. Displays all devices set up on that Account and is the portal through which to control them and adjust their settings.


I would leave out #3. It’s not true.

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So #2 should be “associated with” instead of “set up on”… then #3 true?

The WiFi network (SSID/password) they’re set up on associated with

Or just dash # 3 altogether? Which better?

I’m saying get rid of it. There’s no relationship (“dedicated to”) between any installation of the app and any particular camera. Cameras work fine with Alexa, TinyCam, Google, etc. without getting accessed by the app. Any spin-up of the app on any device can access any cameras on the account that gets logged into. Cameras have no recollection of the app that first installed them.

As far as I know…

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I have to keep reminding myself how many ways these things are being implemented that I have zero knowledge of or experience with. I am mostly a Wyze minimalist (save for tinyCam as a viewer only.)


Lol I was, but the introvert in me had me type and delete a comment a few times, couldn’t wordsmith it to my liking and I was thinking I was going off topic so I Xed out.

Just had a comment agreeing to “Cameras have no recollection of the app that first installed them.”, With the added comment that kinda depends on if the app is beta or production due to the firmware it’ll install in the camera upon setup. So there will be residual evidence as to what app installed a camera, but after time that could change if the user changes app branches etc.


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