Can you view cameras on different houses on the same app?

I figured! That’s why I held back. Oh yes, the topic!

Yes! Yes, you can!


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As a resident Wyze Minimalist, I affirm Mr. Tony’s assertion!


I am afraid to take chances. My second home is in Japan and I am now in Hong Kong. I have two other cameras to set up. I bought 3 cameras.

What happened if I messed up the one in Japan property.

I am still thinking about it, to create a second account for my Hong Kong property. If I want to upgrade to premium, does it mean I have to pay double?

I would say set up all 3 on the same Wyze account that way it’s alot easier to view each camera. You could have them organized by location in camera groups. I mean there are use cases where different properties using different accounts would be better, but if it’s just you wanting to monitor two properties I would say one singular wyze account and set up all three cameras under that one account.

Wyze doesn’t have anything titled “premium”, there is “Cam Plus” which you may be thing of. Each individual camera would need a cam plus license. Another reason to have a singular account if possible is the managing of the cam plus subscriptions, a lot easier with a single Wyze account than spread across multiple wyze accounts.


Thank you! Appreciate your reply.

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This is exactly what I just did and it worked. I have a good friend in the area of my 2nd property so I didn’t need to go there myself. He did it for me.
I set up the camera at location 1 first then mailed it to him. Since the Network name & password are the same at both locations, installing at location 2 was plug n play.

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