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Quick question - I have a Wyze camera set up in my primary home. I’d like to get another for my vacation home at the beach. Can I have two cameras set up using different WiFi networks on the same Wyze phone app?

Yes, the app isn’t tied to a single network, each camera is.

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Hmmm, my daughter and son-in-law have a similar situation. They have 3 cams setup under my daughter’s account at their home. They both login at home on their respective iPhones using my daughter’s account. I bought them a new cam for Christmas that they intend to setup at his parents’ house to monitor their two children when visiting. All four people will want to monitor the kids using the new camera. Would it be best for my daughter to setup the new camera on her Wi-Fi network at her house, bring it over to the other house, then connect via cellular, or … set it up on the second house’s Wi-Fi network and have everyone’s iPhones connect to that network while visiting? And should she just keep using her account when setting up this new camera? Hopefully this makes sense, I’m getting confused just re-reading it! :thinking:

The network each camera is setup on has to be within range of the camera in order to reach the internet. If it gets moved to another location out of range of that WiFi network, then you will not be able to use that camera over the internet with the app.

If you move a camera to a new location, then the camera will need to be re-added in the app on that new location’s WiFi.

Just to expand a little on what Dread said (haha, he should start a blog: “What Dread Said”)…

Each camera has two “connections”:

  1. the local wifi over which it communicates

  2. the Wyze account to which it’s linked

The camera must be set up to the LOCAL wifi, or it won’t communicate. However, it can be set up to any Wyze account. Any user with the username/password info can log into that Wyze account from any phone, anywhere, on any network and access that camera.

For your daughter setting up the cam at parent’s house, I will assume she doesn’t want parents to have access to her own camera at her house. Therefore, it will be necessary to set up a separate Wyze account for parents. This has nothing to do with which network they’re using. Install the Wyze app on parents’ phones, and use the Sign Up option at the bottom of the first screen. Create a new Wyze account using parent’s email address. Now when that’s done, there are two options for setting up the new camera. Either must be done at parents house on their wifi.

  1. Set up the new camera using daughter’s phone which is logged into her Wyze account. The camera will by “owned” by her Wyze account, or

  2. Set up the new camera using parent’s phone logged into parent’s Wyze account. The camera will be owned by the parent’s Wyze account.

Once this is done, share the camera from the owner’s account to the other account. For option 1, daughter shares the camera from her account to the parents. For option 2, the reverse. Sharing is set up in Accounts > Device Sharing in the app.

Now anyone logged into either account will be able to view the camera from any location. Only the account that owns the camera will be able to change settings or use any features that involve the microSD card.


“a little”?!?!?!


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Thanks, very detailed and informative info. My challenge now is to explain the process to her. Hopefully a family member will volunteer to watch the little ones (2 years old and 8 months old) while I’m doing so. :wink:

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