Using Wyze App on two different home networks

My mother is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and I want to setup some Wyze cameras in her home so that I and my siblings can keep an eye on her in case she falls or needs help. Can I used the Wyze app on my phone to monitor cameras on both my home network and my mothers home network? I am new to the Wyze community and apologize if this questions or topic has already been covered.

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This is just an idea, don’t know if it’s going to work:

  • reset the cameras using the button underneath
  • add the cameras in your mum’s house using the “+” button in the upper left corner
  • while prompted enter WiFi network and password
  • scan QR code

Tell us if this worked!

Thank you Carlo. I will give this a try and report back on how it works. Much appreciated

Yes, whatever products you add to your account, no mater what network, will show up in your app.


As @Omgitstony said, yes you can as long as all of the cameras are added to your account. I have cameras at home and at my RV on a different network.
Also, if you give both networks the same SSID and password you can set them up at home and just take them to your Mother’s, they should connect to her router without resetting the cameras.


Thank you, this worked perfectly and I truly appreciate your help.