Moving WyzeCam between networks

I live in an antique house with terrible wifi connection between floors, and have two separate networks with their own routers upstairs and downstairs. I would like to move the cam between floors, but it seems that I have to delete the camera from the app, move it to the new location and reinstall it again in the new network. Am I missing something? Is there an easier way?


There’s really nothing you can do from the WyzeCam side. The only way to change networks that the camera connects to is to set it up anew.

There are lots of things you could do from the standpoint of your wifi infrastructure. You could use a wifi extender to extend one of your networks. You could use Ethernet Over Powerline to extend to a repeater on another floor. There are probably other options, but beyond the scope of this forum.

And, given that they’re only $20, maybe the obvious solution is to just get another WyzeCam.

The cameras only store a single SSID/password, unlike mobile phones and laptops.

So I agree with RickO, there are many technical solutions, but the cheapest would be to get a second camera.

I also live in a house that requires two separate networks and I want to install multiple cameras. After installing the first one to the network near its use, I went to install the other camera. I wanted to use the other network (for this second camera) but I was not given the option to do so. It automatically connected to the first network I had set up. My question is can I set up multiple cameras between my two networks on my one WyzeCam account? Or will I need to have one account for each network?

I have two houses ( separated by about 10 miles lol ) and so they are on totally different networks.
I can see the ones downtown just as well as mine at home, so I think this is possible.
What I did though, was bought my ex-wife 2 camera’s for her house and then she set them up on “her” account and then “shared” them with me so I can see alerts and so on just fine :slight_smile:

I would think I can just carry a camera down, turn it on , set it up, add it to the wifi downtown and just add it to my group just fine. I might try that in a couple days. If I do I will let you know who it goes :slight_smile:

Ok I understand how it would work with two accounts and sharing. But I only have one account and am not sharing with anyone. I just want some cameras on one network and some on my other network. With me having the only account. I guess I could create another account with one of my other email addresses and share it with myself.

Thanks for your feedback!

Ok just a thought…

You already have cameras on Network A. So, now get out of app. Disconnect from network A on your phone.

Go to network B and log into your wifi network there. Make sure you are on network B and then add the next camera, ect.

Not sure, but I would think that would work because you just added camera 2 while on network B and so it ‘should’ save whatever wifi and network passwords / security that you happen to be using when setup the camera.


Just a thought anyway…


What ddkgatley says is correct. After setting up the first camera on the first network, make sure you phone is connected to the second wifi network when you set up the 2nd camera. Make sure the 2nd network is 2.4GHz (Wyzecam will not work on a 5GHz only network).