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How do you change the Wifi Network that the camera is accessing? I moved and no longer have access to my old wifi network. I have a new wifi network setup, but can’t figure out how to get my camera to access the new network.


Shawn A

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Will I have to do the set up process every time I move my Wyze Cam?
You can unplug and move your Wyze Cam after it has been set up in your Wyze App.

If you plug in your Wyze Cam in an area covered by the same Wi-Fi network that you originally set it up in (for example, moved your Wyze Cam to a different room in your house), your Wyze Cam will automatically re-connect to your Wyze App. Watch the status indicator light on the back of the camera – it should change from solid yellow to flashing yellow & blue to solid blue as your Wyze Cam re-establishes the connection.

If you plug in your Wyze Cam in an area that is covered by a different Wi-Fi network (for example, moved your Wyze Cam from your home to your office), you’ll need to set it up again in the Wyze App. In the Devices tab, tap the + in the top-right corner and follow the app’s set-up instructions.

If you want to transfer ownership of your Wyze Cam to a different user, give the Wyze Cam to the new user and have them set it up as a new device in their Wyze account.

RickO is correct.

I have connected one of my Wyzecams to another wifi and back. I never “deleted” the device, just added it again.

I setup from Android, so if you have iPhone the procedure may be different.

While the camera is turned on, press the reset button. It will then chirp and tell you it is ready for setup. Open your Wyze app and tap the “+” at the top right next to Devices. I did not delete the original. I then tapped I heard “Ready to connect”. I did have to re-enter both the SSID and password, I am not sure why it couldn’t give me a list of the SSID’s it could detect, but for me it did not (using Android Wyze App version 1.2.50). Then held the displayed QR code in front of the camera, and it detected and said “QR code scanned. Please wait”. Then it says “Setup Completed” pressed next and the App connects to the Camera and asks for Camera Name. It replaces the previous device with the same “id”, I assume it is the MAC address displayed under device info on the App, I don’t know, but the Wyze server recognizes it as the same device. The other settting do not appear to get changed, alert schedule, camera mode, motion detection, etc.

So other than having to reenter the SSID, wifi password and Camera name, I didn’t have to go through the complete setup. In other words, if you know your wifi credentials and what you want the camera name to be, it doesn’t take long to reuse with a different wifi.

Just reset my camera and I am still able to see previously recorded video on the SD card I have in the camera, so it doesn’t reformat the card when resetting the camera.


Worked perfectly! Thanks for posting the solution.

i tried but it keep saying disconnect after waiting for 2 minutes, connection issue etc. But I am sure my SSID and password is correct !

@kenbetcc, just in case you haven’t seen these yet, here are the Wyze Cam Setup pages. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

I get " oops

You’re not authorized to access this page"

Try this link, it looks like they moved the location of it.


Thanks @mauly and @WyzeJasonJ. I have fixed the link in my comment. :slight_smile:

I just set my 87 year old grandmother up with three cameras. I set them up, installed the app in my home here in Arizona. She flew back to TN and had my uncle install them. I was hoping to save them time by setting everything up and downloading all the updates. I thought you could just change the WiFi network and bam. But unless you guys know something I don’t, the only thing I found was to disconnect them and start over. Suggestions?

They will need to go through the whole setup process again with each camera unless by chance they will be on a wifi network with the same name and password as yours. Then who ever is setting them up will have the caneras on their account, and they will disappear from yours unless you let them use your credentials on a device over there with the Wyze app.

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I recently sent my sister a Chromecast device. So she wouldn’t need to set it up, I actually went through the trouble of giving my network the same SSID & password as hers. Yes, some short-term pain for me, but I really like being able to set up anything she needs and send it to her. Also, anything I take with me when I visit will work, no problem.


I have two cameras set up successfully here and moved two others here from a different wifi. Setting up as new cameras goes fine through the QR scan, but when trying to connect with new wifi username and password, camera fails to recognize it, and will time out after 150 seconds. Wifi username and password work fine with the original two cameras.

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Worked perfectly. I have an iphone, it was a little different, but with your instructions, easy to figure out. Thank you!

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I sure wish, and hope they fix, that they put the URL on that three-inch piece of paper “set-up guide” that ships with the devices. This one is useful.

BTW: after 15 useless minutes chatting with the help desk and just before I returned the camera … I finally got the solution in my head on how to set this up.

My phone can not force access to the 2.4-GHz band … The solution is to find a location in the house with a weak signal from my wifi mesh system … (I only found one spot in a basement corner) … The phone then shifts from 5-GHz to 2.4-GHz, … Have the camera with you and plug it in (I had to find a long extension cord). You then set it up there.

To find the weak zone, install a (free) wifi monitoring app to your phone and watch what your phone is accessing.

I hope Wyze adds this to the instructions and certainly should teach the “help desk”.

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This is worse if you have it in a housing and mounted. I bought a wifi extender and had to use a ladder to get to the camera, remove the housing and go through this awful setup only for it to fail so I just gave up. I’ll definitely be looking into how a camera is setup /change wifi network when I go buy a new one.


Every f***ing time, gotta repeat the entire manual procedure. Roll the dice to see if it will work, or if I’ll have to spend 5 hours tinkering with this piece of crap. I’m one more bad experience away from smashing it with a freaking hammer and rinsing my hands of Wyze’s garbage.

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I have like 12 devices and just had to get a new router.

You mean to tell me, I have to go through and re set up all the devices as new?

Trash. Wyze, fix this. What a giant pain in the ass.

Hello @sara.morris311 and welcome to the community.
Unfortunately that is currently the only way unless you set up the new router with the same SSID and password, then they will all connect

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What an absolute nightmare. Wyze really needs to get on fixing this. It doesn’t matter how smart their devices get, if they all need to be manually reconfigured every time internet settings change, that’s an insane oversight, worthy of moving to a different company.

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