Changing networks for Wyze cams

I had to change my router and network name, so I thought there would be a simple way to re-connect the Wyze cams to the network.
I have several cameras, and some of them are mounted in places that are very difficult to access. Support tells me that I have to go to each camera individually, and re-initialize it to work with the new network. Individually. I have to re-install each camera. Ridiculous!
There REALLY needs to be a way to universally, across the board, change the network parameters so they will propagate to all the cameras, or even selected cameras.
The app allows me to update all cameras at once. Why not change the network parameters that way?
This is a major pain, and up to now I have recommended Wyze cameras to others. No more, after this point. Their developers need to get to work on the app and improve this aspect of it.

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There has been a wishlist item for this for a LONG time.


Wyze recently updated this request to be labeled as “In Progress - researching”:

Hopefully that means it will finally happen.
I’m not sure how feasible it will be on older devices that don’t have Bluetooth setup options, but it seems like it would be relatively easy to implement for newer devices that have Bluetooth capabilities as they can just get the updated credentials through Bluetooth even if the old WiFi is already offline and then switchover that way.


Most of us have been where you are. And we take steps to use the same network and password when we replace the router. Much easier. My point is; I am trying to offer a subtle hint to do whatever to reuse the same network name and password. Because it also makes all your Wyze and non-Wyze device pop back up on your new network.

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It wasn’t possible in this case, but yes, I do understand your “hint”.

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Has this happened yet? I have to update my network on 8 devices all with different rules.

No, I don’t expect it for months. They just barely updated it to be on their roadmap in the researching phase. It’s not in the in-development or testing phases yet. I expect it will be a while.

Rules have nothing to do with it. Just make sure NOT to delete the devices before setting them up on the new WiFi.

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Thanks, saw this after deleting one :crazy_face:

I’m new to Wyze and new to the forum. I just installed a wifi extender because two of the cameras keep loosing connection. I need to change only those two cameras to the wifi extender network. My understanding from reading other posts on this subject is that I have to reinstall those two cameras in order to change the network? My regular network and the extender network have the same passwords. I thought the cameras would recognize the extender automatically, but I guess I’m wrong??

If the extender has the same SSID and Password, it should just work. If the SSID or password is different you will have to go through the setup process - do NOT delete the camera first.

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Thank you for answering so quickly. My network name is MVP-F8. The extender is MVP-F8-ext. but, the signal strength on the camera I thought I needed to change shows a good connection on my original network. I went through all the troubleshooting steps and couldn’t resolve the issue of the camera not connecting. I did delete the camera and tried to reinstall it, but it wouldn’t respond. I’ve sent a request in to product support so maybe they will be able to help me. Thank you for your help! Much appreciated!