Wyze Cam V3 Change WiFi Without Resetting?

I’m planning on taking my new V3 camera on a trip out of town.

Can I connect it to a new WiFi network when I arrive without getting the camera completely reset?

I saw some different answers online, some for the V2 specifically, nothing concretely specified for the V3.

The V2 and V3 work the same on this issue. You must reeducate it with a reset & QR code.

You can vote for that capability here:


Dang, so then what is the deal with this article which says your camera settings will be retained?

I never said your settings would be lost, lol.

When you go through the process as they outlined it (Add device again, don’t delete it), then the network info in the camera will be replaced when it reads the QR code, but all the other camera settings on the server will remain.

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Oh okay, I was just thrown off by the “capability” which you suggested I vote for - it implies the camera is getting reset…
Anyway, thank you for confirming this work on the V3s. Maybe the article needs to be updated.

The camera IS reset. You press the button on the bottom of the camera per the add (+) instructions. However, the settings for the camera are stored on the Wyze servers. So if you don’t delete the camera from the app, and only add it again using the reset button & QR code, then the new network info will simply reeducate the camera, and the camera settings on the server will remain.


My vote is that the entire VR Code process needs to be eliminated. It’s not the best (or easiest) method to obtain the cameras info and install in an app. It needs an easier way to get your cam into the app. I’m not a techie, but it just seems totally unnecessary, Blink doesn’t do it. Reolink doesn’t do it. EZVid doesn’t do it and Alexa doesn’t like it.

I agree. What really makes it a pain is that the Wyze cams need to be physically accessed to complete this process and it they’re mounted outside…well, you can see how quickly this goes from bad to worse…especially in the winter. I don’t know, I think this process really needs to be addressed and modified.

I tried this process today. Pressed the button. Scanned QR code. Provided new WIFI details. It asked me to name the camera and connected fine. However, it also lost all of my prior days of video playback. Might be worth mentioning that detail Wyze.