How to change the wifi router password for the V3 cameras

How to change the wifi router password for the V3 cameras

Assuming you mean you changed your router and need to change the WiFi login on the devices, you must hit the setup buttons and go through the setup process again to reset the WiFi. You DO NOT need to delete the devices from the app, so their settings will all persist.

If you set the ssid and password of your new router to the same as your old router, everything will connect automatically.


Thank you for the info.
I have reset one camera using your info.
I had to change my password and now I must re-install EVERY camera I have.
ATTENTION Wyze: Please make this an easy change on the Wyze to be entered ONCE for all my cameras.


Been there… Done it myself
Long standing wishlist item.

Give it a vote


This seems to be a 1 year old subject but it is still actual. There should be an easy way to update the password on the app if the network password has been changed without having to go thru the setup again.

I agree. Please vote for the wishlist linked above to show your support.

I agree also.
Can’t figure out how to vote for this.
Voting system needs to be simplified.

If you click the link above you can then click the green VOTE button at the top of the page (you may need to scroll)

Reposting link:

Yes, thank you. I did that earlier. unfortunatly, I can only vote once LOL.

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Thanks for the easy way to get to the vote page.

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