Change Network

Hello people. I have wyze cam v3. I moved to another location, which means I have to connect to a different network. My wyze cam is already set from the other location. How do I change Network Wifi ? Do I have to reset my unit and start from scratch again.

You don’t have to delete it from the app, but you have to go through the add process again.

UNLESS – You moved to a new home. Then you can just change your new WiFi network name & password to match your old one, and all your devices will work without changing anything else.

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Yes, move to another house with a different router. I can see new router wifi name.
So, if I just want to change to new Network SSID.

Not sure if you are asking a question here, but to change the network name and password you would log onto your router and change the SSID & password to what your old router used.