Have new Wi-Fi how do I switch it in the app there’s no option

So I switched Wi-Fi companies and have a new Wi-Fi network but have no way to update and switch in the WYZE app any ideas??

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You have 2 choices.

The easy choice: go into the Router WiFi settings and name the SSID of the new network exactly the same as the old one. Use exactly the same password. All devices will then log into the new network with no other settings changes needed. They will never know the mothership was upgraded.

The hard choice: If you absolutely have to name the network SSID something different, or need a different password, don’t delete any device from the app. You will need to run New Device Setup on every device and provide it with the new SSID and Password. Your devices will then log into the network and all settings will be saved. If you delete them you loose all settings and event history.


I can’t find a Router Wi-Fi section on the app. Where is it?

There is no Router or WiFi settings in the Wyze app. That is the reason option #2 has to be done.

In option 1 above, to rename the Router SSID and Password the same as the old one, you need to use the App that your router manufacturer provides for settings and configuration access or log into the router thru an internet browser by entering the root router’s local IP address when logged into that network. You will need the Admin Username and Password to the router. If it hasn’t been changed, these are usually printed on the sticker on the unit.

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How do I do a New Device Setup? I don’t see that anywhere in the app.

I do see the network it’s connected to, but I can’t change it. In my case I have a second network I want to switch the camera over to, while keeping the first network for home office devices, so renaming the second network isn’t an option.

Make sure the phone is connected by WiFi to the second network you are moving the cam to.

Use the Plus Sign upper left, Add Device, select the cam from the Cameras list.

Name the cam the exact same name as before. Since the Cam MAC is already a device in your device list, it will just update it with the new network credentials you provide.

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Thanks! I’ll give that a try. This probably means the phone must always be on that network to review the cam footage, I bet.

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You can review the footage from anywhere in the world, whether it be from the cloud or your camera’s SD card. You simply need to be logged on to your account.

Some exceptions apply, like in workplaces (or something like a cruise ship) where they might restrict protocols or ports. But in an unrestricted network, from anywhere. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Newshound - of course that makes sense, I’ve been checking the cameras from across the country, I should have realized that.


Sorry I didn’t expand on that in my last reply…

The phone has to be logged into the network only when doing the install because that is how the SSID and Password is transferred to the cam by the App. It gets it from the phone’s currently attached network and then does all the magic connection voodoo when the QR is scanned (or the BLE connects depending on the cam). After the initial install and the cam has its network instructions, the phone never has to connect to the network again.

Thanks for the clarification. So it looks like I still need to turn the existing cam off and unplug it, then launch the Add Device and select the same cam type, then plug the cam back in and go through the full install process like when I first set it up. One of the cams is pretty unreachable, so I won’t be doing it with that one if I have to physically be near it. :slight_smile:

Nope. Tapping the setup button should launch the Ready to Connect setup routine. Then you can hit the plus icon in the app and start the setup\install on the cam. No need to delete it from the app or make any modifications. The App will update your cam in your device list with whatever you put in the setup. It will also then retain all the existing settings you have saved.

You do have to physically be there to press the button and scan the QR though.

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Worked exactly as advertised, thank you for the clear explanation!

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Hello, I am new to this and a lot of this is confusing for me. Is there a step by step guide instead of having to decipher all of the above messages? I bought these cameras because I travel for work a lot and I use apps like Airbnb, Booking and VRBO to rent places and I have had many things stolen over the years. I am looking for an easier way to swap wifi as sometimes I am in three different places witin one week. This process seems very tedious. Maybe I just don’t understand all the tech jargon but I really just want a simple way for a laymen person like myself to swap wifi’s as I travel without having to spend hours trying to figure it out and do resets or reconnects. Thank you for your time in advance.

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The only way you can reset the WiFi connection is by leaving tghe device in the app, but going through the setup so that you can enter the new SSID and Password.

An alternate option is to get a MiFi, set your SSID and Password as you want, then you connect that to the WiFi in the location you are staying.

something like this:

Here is an older post that has a downloadable PDF at the bottom how to setup a travel router that you’ll need for your situation.

Wow this makes me want to abandon Wyze, why make it so incredibly difficult? So disappointing.

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I’ve tried twice. I add a device, choose the camera, choose the new network SSID, name it the same, everything appears to work, but in the end, my camera is on the old network.

I would turn off your old WiFi first and make sure your phone is on the same WiFi you would like the device added to.

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Really, what other camera manufacturer allows you to do this?