Traveling with my Wyze Cam

I would like to be able to travel with this camera. I don’t see where I can just change the network settings once at my destination. Is this at all possible?


You would have to perform the setup procedure each time you want to connect to a new wifi network.

Also, if you are wanting to connect via public wifi networks that have portal pages (where you enter login credentials, pay for access or acknowledge terms and conditions), Wyzecam will not connect to this type of wifi network.

The solution for this situation is to use an inexpensive travel router as an intermediary. Even if the various wifi networks don’t have portal pages, using the travel router will let it memorize how to connect to all the networks and eliminate having to set up the wyzecam each time (because the wyzecam only has to remember the travel router’s network).

Attached are detailed instructions on how to set up and use the GL.iNet travel router that I use with my Wyzecams.

Travel-Router-Instructions-1.pdf (1.24 MB)

Thank You I Really appreciate this information.