Is there a way to use my Wyze cam when in a hotel to monitor my disabled daughter

I have seen threads about this so you might try searching. I don’t believe you can use it on an unsecured network.

If you are talking about a ‘hotel cam’, the best way is by using a travel router. You have to program the camera for the travel router, then use the travel router to log onto the hotel’s WiFi.

Here is a discussion to look over, including a link on how to connect a Wyze Cam to WiFi with a portal page (that you might find in a hotel):


Three possible solutions:

  1. Set up your own local network with a hotspot for the camera to connect to.
  2. Use an application like Connectify to set up your own local network using your laptop that bridges to the hotel internet.
  3. Get a travel router, like this and set your own local network that bridges to the hotel internet.