Allow login to wyze cam with hotel internet

I use my wyze cam as a baby monitor. It works so great, especially when traveling! But, I run into issues when staying in a hotel (or a place with 5G, which I realize has been covered in other threads). It would be great to be able to set up wyze cam with hotel internet. The interface would have to allow last name and hotel room. I am not a tech person, so do not know if that change to the interface is possible, but it would certainly help improve the ability to use wyze cam to travel.

Wyze cams do not (and will not be made to) work directly on wifi that requires passing through a portal or landing page. If for no other reason than there are an unlimited number of formats and protocols that these pages could use. Some use last name and room number, some use a special access code given to you by the front desk. There are many other schemes; too many for Wyze to handle them all.

But wait, there’s good news. With the purchase of a travel router that costs about the same as one Wyze Cam, you can use it to serve as a bridge between the hotel’s internet and your wyze cam which would be set up to the routers wifi. The Wyze Cam only needs to be set up once in this situation. You connect the travel router to the hotel’s wifi and connect your phone or laptop to the router, using that device to authorize through the hotel’s portal page.

Here’s an article which describes in great detail how to set it up:


Thank you!

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