Pan Cam - Hotels

Hi all,

I like to take my Wyze Pan Cam on the go and use it at hotels to keep an eye on my toddler when she naps, while we enjoy the balcony. However, I have struggled to connect the Pan Cam to my ipad using the hotels wifi. Is there a work around to this or a solution? Thank you!

Depending on how the hotel has its wifi setup. It may not work. Many hotels require that you log in through a web portal that the cam does not support to my knowledge. They may also limit what device types can connect.


Any other work around? Or just out of luck?

Yes, you can use a router or “travel router” that supports captive portal logins for hotels and provides its own WiFi. Gl.inet s a popular one.

Edit: Link for Amazon store:


You could also just use your phones hotspot, although be careful if you have a data cap. Streaming it done locally if possible, so it shouldn’t be too bad

Lifehackster made a nice video covering this. You set up the travel router on the hotel wifi and join the cam to it.

gl.inet gl-ar150 nini travel router, $26