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Has anyone tried connecting to FREE HOT Spots or Hotels WiFi, it will be nice to leave camera on and hidden when leaving hotel room for the day and record what goes on, do they really change my sheets, do they rummage trough my stuff in the drawers, etc?

If the hotel has captive portal (where you must first connect to a web page and accept terms of service, or possibly enter a voucher code), then you won’t be able to get your camera to connect directly. There are technical solutions to getting around captive portals, but you can search google if you are interested in pursuing that route. It will require additional hardware.

In addition, most Public WiFi has “client isolation”, which prevents the multiple devices connecting to the WiFi access point (AP) from being able to communicate directly with each other. That will prevent your phone from being able to connect to the Wyze cam via WiFi. Again, there are technical solutions to work around that, but they involve adding another AP locally. Google is your friend.

It could still be set up to record to microSD (ÎĽSD) card, but you may need to set that feature up before arriving, and just plug the camera in when you leave. Then make sure to have the ability to read the ÎĽSD card in your laptop, so you will be able to view them with VLC. In my opinion, this is the most practical solution.

Also, the cleaning crew may move the camera while they are cleaning.

As BuckEye points out, if the hotel has a landing page for their free wifi, you will need additional hardware to accomplish this. Even if they have completely open wifi, you would probably want intervening hardware for security. I am currently doing this using this travel router:

Basically, once you set it up, it broadcasts a WPA2 SSID that you set your camera up to connect to. You only have to do that one time. Then at each new hotel, you use your phone or laptop to connect the travel router to the hotel’s wifi and it then serves as a bridge to the camera. The router remembers the hotels that it has connected to and can be configured to auto connect to those for future visits.

And if you get the device like RickO mentioned, set it up to broadcast the same SSID and security profile as you have at home. Then all your other devices you use (like your phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) will just work. And your Wyze cam will then work on the road or at home. (Although, thinking about this, you probably want the Wyze cams at home to still be working when you are traveling, but you may have a camera at home that isn’t being used as a security device that you could take on vacation.)


Do you have the V2? Looks like an interesting device. Some of the 1 star comments are concerning (three day then reset, default password not working, etc.) But Amazon reviews are not the most reliable indicator of what is a good device. Just curious how you chose this unit.

Thanks RickO and BuckEye I’ll look into getting one of those router for my next trip


The difficulty would be if you want to test it at home with its source wifi being your home router, you’d have two devices broadcasting the same SSID. Oops.

What I did was set up a unique SSID for the travel router to broadcast and have one of its memorized “host” SSIDs be my home wifi. Then if I need to use my travel camera at home (not very often), I just plug in the travel router.

Also, while on the road, I have my laptop and phone set up to use the travel router’s SSID, so I have the extra security that that provides.

Yes, I have the one I linked with is version 2. I have not had an ounce of trouble with it. There is only one tricky thing which is, depending on the setup of the hotel’s wifi system, you sometimes have to either enable or disable DNS Prebind Protection, but that is easily done on the router’s settings pages.

You have convinced me your method is better.

Two APs with the same SSID isn’t an issue, but two wifi routers each with their own DHCP server and network broadcasting the same SSID can definitely waste a lot of troubleshooting time :slight_smile:

  • NOTE: I would use extreme caution with setting up hidden cameras in hotel rooms. In the USA, many states have laws against recording audio and/or video without the consent of individuals being recorded or explicit notification. Now these laws will vary from state to state and on circumstances--such as recording in or around your own home would be acceptable, but setting up a camera that captures private conversations or private activity on someone else's property could be illegal. I would consult the local jurisdiction where you plan to make hidden recorded video or audio on other people property where someone may have an expectation of privacy---such as a temporary rented hotel room (a bathroom or bedroom is a more common example where people have expectation of privacy). Even hotel workers could be entitled to privacy in such circumstances as cleaning your room. I'd hate to see anyone return to their hotel room to be greeted by police and a crying house keeper who had a private phone conversation recorded while she was cleaning your room, or making an adjustment to an undergarment (before discovering your camera). Furthermore, the pure act of recording someone in this fashion could be illegal, there does not need to be any private phone call or undergarment adjustment etc. recorded. If there is a reasonable expectation of privacy and you did not obtain consent or post up a notice that the "area is monitored by audio/video" you very well trampled on someone's legal rights to privacy and could be subject to criminal and/or civil penalties. Know the law and respect people's privacy.

Noted: however, the cam is used to monitor my dogs if they are left crated in MY room. Or sometimes MY empty room with the Do Not Disturb sign posted. In that case, my expectation is that nobody should be or is allowed in the room. If they are, then they are in violation of MY privacy.

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The privacy laws I am referring to have to do with being either audio or video recorded without consent or without knowledge. If someone enters your temporary room against your wishes they are likely not violating a privacy law but perhaps trespassing or breaking and entering laws. However hotel and motel employees may be exempt from trespassing and breaking and entering statutes as they are the ultimate owner and caretaker of the property (even if you have a “do not disturb sign” and even though you are paying the bill). You can check your local statutes on what rights a hotel operator or landlord has to enter property under their management. You can google search recording and surveillance laws for a taste of what you could be up against when recording people without consent or covertly, even if in the name of security.

Omarosa is that you?

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On a separate note, am I the only one having trouble viewing the cam through the app while on a public wifi? I can view through LTE on phone, but not a public, open wifi? Amazon cloud cam has no issues on same wifi, but wyze cam is a no go.

hey loki so I know this is an old post and I know Your not tech support but i bought the same router you recommended. unfortunately everytime i scan for networks and try to connect it to the hotspot near me as a repeater the gl router kicks my phone off its network and never actually connects to the hotspot. i dont even get a chance to connect to the splash portal. is my router faulty?

I don’t know. Perhaps post some screenshots of your GL setup.