Remote 2nd camera

I need to set up a camera in mom’s room at memory care but have been having issues with having to son into different wifi, any suggestions of if remote camera not possible?

Does the wifi there have a sign in page or a landing page that you must go through to get connected? If so, you can’t connect the Wyzecam to it directly. One solution to this is to use a inexpensive travel router as an intermediary. I’ll provide a link below on the details of setting one up. However, if the connection to that wifi times out after a period (eg 24 hours) and redirects you to the landing page again, this is not going to be a hands-off solution. If that’s the case, you would probably need to provide your own wifi via a mobile hotspot and this is going to incur some not insignificant expense for the data plan.

Also, make sure you okay legally with recording in that area. Depending on the laws of your state, it may not be legal to record the workers who come and go without their permission.

I’ll try your suggestions. I do have permission. I think they time out. My private Xfinity account won’t work but the general Xfinity account we use should work but didn’t. I’ll keep trying and report back.