Xfinity Hot Spot

Can you please add sign in.
What I mean is when you go to an xfinity hot spot it connects to the wifi but then it requires a login and password and then a code is texted to your phone to enter in to the log in site. We need to be able to endter that info in to the wyze cam when it connects to their wifi. It shouldn’t be to hard with the app.

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I’m not sure what is your question? Are you referring to 2FA?

@pieman16 is referring to a captured portal for wifi access. The login is on the hotspot and is required to access the wifi. Wyze doesn’t support this but there is a wishlist item for it.

Then this should be in the Wish List section!?

If the web portal only needs the login “Once” then is remembered by the hotspot.

Maybe spoofing the MAC ID of camera on smartphone to do the initial login with the hotspot,
then let camera connect after that. This would only work if the login is a one-time thing though…

It was the mods moved it

Don’t think that would work because Xfinity first requires a user and password then it wants a code it texts to your phone to activate. That’s why I think it needs to be in the app.

So if you sign on with your phone with the login/password and 2FA then once connected turn off the WiFi on phone and wait a bit…

Then turn back on the phones WiFi does it connect or require the login/password and 2FA again?

Here is how Xfinity does it.
You connect to their hot spot
It sends you to their landing page and wants your user name and password.
The next page it wants the code they sent your phone.
Once you put that code it sent you in it logs you on to their Wi-Fi.

Yes I do understand what you just said about the process.

But once you have logged in what happens if you turn off your smartphone WiFi then back on…

Do you have to repeat the login in process or does it reconnect because it remembered the device???

Once that device logs in that device stays online until you close the Wi-Fi connection.