Two Step Internet Authentication

Ok, I am currently using xfinity wifi hotspots as my main source of internet. I have a active xfinity account. When I get to the part of setup where i choose my network name and enter a password is where I’m having my issue.

In order to have internet access on my laptop, you first must sign into xfinitywifi network with no password, then when you open chrome, a pop up authentication comes up where i put in my xfinity information (Secondary Authentication).


how do I do this with my WYZE Pan?




In order to connect to a wifi that requires authentication on a landing page, you must use a travel router as an intermediary device. This serves as a bridge to allow you to use a computer or phone to authenticate on the landing page and then provide the authenticated connection to the Wyze Cam.

One such travel router can be found here for $20:

Here are detailed instructions on setting it up: