How to set up cam on semipublic Wi-Fi at remote location?

Hi everyone,

I have a storage garage in a remote location. Recently I noticed that I have a wi-fi signal there; my cable provider offers their subscribers free public wi-fi , which I rarely use. But they’ve recently thrown these open for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have a V2 cam and I’d like to set it up there. I have a travel router, but I have a couple of old full-sized routers that I would rather use if possible.

Ideally I’d like to set the cam for motion activation and to save time lapse video to a micro SD card, using the Android app. I do want some kind of security for the cam to prevent anyone else from viewing.

Right now the wi-fi network is open to the public, but it will eventually go back to having a log-in page.

Any tips on setting this up?


Once they lock it back down you will probably be sol. I know with Comcast they pass a cert to your phone for access to their public WiFi. I don’t believe there is anything in the Wyze cam setting/software that will be able to accept a digital certificate for authorization.

As it is now can you connect with a login and password? Is it 2.4 Ghz?

No need for a password at this point, it’s open. But eventually that’ll go away and a login will be required. It’s 2.4 ghz.

Sounds as if you don’t need any router at all right now. Just set it up on their WiFi and go. I wouldn’t worry very much about it being on a shared network there. No one else can pull up your camera view without your Wyze credentials.

When they turn security back on you’ll just need any router with “captive portal” client capability (and an account on their network).

Have you tried connecting to the Wifi at all?

If it doesn’t have some kind of landing page where you have to click a button to accept terms then @Customer is correct. Just set up the camera and pick the open Wifi.

I’ve never connected to a network without a password. Not sure the cameras accept that.

Thanks, guys. I’ll have to just give it a shot, and see how it shakes out.

Once they go back to a login, I’ll set up a router.

Im doing exactly the same at a vacant building that we own.

I have this router grabbing the xfinity wifi and rebroadcasting it as a private network that I have four V2 cams connected to. I recently added an outdoor cam and base and its still holding up well and I get regular notifications.

  1. Write down the MAC address for your cam.
  2. Use an app to clone the cams mac address to your phone & log into xfinitywifi hotspot.
  3. Crack open a beer, Done.

Plan B, Use a super cheap Raspberry Pi Zero-W as a router, 14 bucks.


With my local ISPs I can just enter the MAC of a device into my account to be auto-approved for the network. Then all you have to do is connect and it’s automatically authenticated. No cloning or other things needed.


I use the gl router but in some places they moved the Xfinity to 5mhz. Called and they say they will have a tech look at it, as 5mhz is faster but shorter range and less penetration.

I had one set up for use in my car so I could use the cam hidden to send alerts when parked. Both the gl router and cam were running off Large battery packs.